Hey. This guy wants to play piano for you while you're jamming on the violin or oboe or whatever other classical instrument you've got. At The Live Oak.

1.) There’s this episode of Louie from last season where his Hungarian neighbor/girlfriend Amya duets (in a stairwell) on this beautiful violin piece with Jane, his youngest daughter. The scene really tugged at my heartstrings, because it’s one more magical moment in his month with Amya before she goes back to Hungary forever, and of course he’s as big a dumbfounded boob as ever, so it’s kind of stuck with me for a few months. But besides effecting from me an emotional response to a few fictitious characters, I also kind of wondered if violinists and other classical musicians ever get together at a bar, or, I dunno, a country club, to jam like blues or jazz guys do. Certainly classical jam sessions have happened somewhere on planet earth at some point in time; Thursday night, Live Oak Lounge is hosting a classical open mic from 8pm to midnight, featuring in-house piano accompanist Thiago Nascimento. If you’re a recovering orch dork (j/k—I got nothin’ but love, orchestra peeps) or any other species of classical musician (perhaps your passion is Paganini, but you’re trapped in a hey! folk band), sign up for a slot here. As for the rest of us philistines, take a break from the usual diet of power chords gated reverb and hear some people who can actually shred.

2.) When I was a kid, I totally hated rain. And every time I’d complain about it in front of my dad, he’d go, “Well, we need the rain…” So of course, I’m glad for more water in the lakes, etc. But unfortunately, the rain has forced another Friday on the Green cancellation, and it won’t be rescheduled again, though next month’s Friday on the Green show (featuring TBA, the band that plays somewhere every night of the week all over the world) is still on for June 12. The good news is that the scheduled bands are still going to rock Friday night, just in a smaller place with four walls and a roof; Secret Ghost Champion, Vincent Neil Emerson, and the Unlikely Candidates will be playing sets at the Chat Room starting with SGC at 8pm.


3.) It’s been nearly two years since former Flickerstick frontman Brandin Lea has had a drink, and with the clarity that comes from sobriety, Lea finally got his groove back. Jetta in the Ghost Tree, the band he formed during the process, is releasing its debut LP Clandestine, Vol. 1 on Friday night at Lola’s. Expect a lot of loud rock, with Slumberbuzz’s high-volume shoegaze kicks the show off, with Dallas’ The Orange in the middle. Pro tip: come early to grab a copy of Clandestine, and put it your car. Then you won’t have to carry merch around all night!

4.) Welp, looks like music festival season is in full swing, because there’s another one on Saturday and Sunday in Dallas. The Dallas Music District Fest was supposed to be the usual outdoor concert with lots of bands and a proportionate number of food trucks, but the impending inclement weather has moved the event from a green space that is presumably underwater to whatever the space is at 410 Bedford Street, near the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. DMD Fest looks to be a smaller version of last weekend’s Homegrown Fest, as the lineup is a lot more local; Jonathan Tyler, Ishi, and Somebody’s Darling are among the headliners, but Rachel Gollay would be the act I’d really be paying to see — Built For Love, her debut from last year, is one of the best local records in recent memory.

5.) Last year may well be remembered in the annuals of Fort Worth music history as The Year of the Cover. Between the Fort Worth Rock Assembly and Panther City Pep Rally, Lola’s Saloon was essentially a rock radio time machine for a couple different weekends last fall. The Rock Assembly returns later this year, but the Pep Rally returns on Saturday in the form of the Panther City Prom. The bands (School of Rock, Babes in Boyland, West Side Drunk Punks, others) material are still exclusively from the ’90s, but this edition encourages people to dress as if they were attending prom during the Clinton Administration. Or boycotting it–dressing like a ’90s burnout is also acceptable, and certainly so is dressing like Daria. Cover (the kind you give to a door guy rather than the kind you print a bunch of tablature to learn) is $10, or $25 for couples, which also gets you discounts on drinks, including spiked punch. Sadly, Crystal Pepsi will not be served; maybe if it hadn’t partnered with Van Hagar, it might still exist!