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We’re So Two-Dimensional
This three-dimensional world we live in might really be flat but we’re living in a hologram that makes it look 3-D to us. It’s simple physics. You didn’t know that?

What Is Fort Worth’s Identity?
Sundance Square is the city’s identity. Says who, you wonder? Why, Johnny Campbell says so. He could be biased considering he’s president and CEO of the Sundance Square management team. “The people are really the ones programming the city. Every decision we make is for them,” Campbell told the Keene Chamber of Commerce on Saturday. So, people, what do you think is Fort Worth’s identity? Sundance Square? The Stockyards? The Cultural District? Trinity River?

What Would Be Your City’s Identity?
The guy that owns the Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill chain bought a city, named it Bikinis, and has been having so much fun that the townsfolk complained. “Enough with these rowdy shenanigans and general tomfoolery, by gosh!” they cried. To show a good faith effort toward peaceful resolution, the breastaurant owner  re-named the town Bankersmith, TX. The moral of this story: Behind big breasts beat tender hearts.

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Millions To Hit Texas Roads This Weekend
Something about celebrating our country’s independence from British rule makes people want to get in their cars and burn gas. About 3 million people are gearing up for Fourth of July road trips beginning this week. Consider yourself warned.

Great Wall Of China Ain’t That Great Anymore
Between centuries of erosion from the sun, wind, and rain, and people stealing bricks to build houses, one of the world’s greatest wonders is slowly disappearing. How does the So-So Wall of China sound?