Rarely does a band captivate me the first time I see them, however, two Friday nights ago at The Grotto (517 University Dr.), Troody managed to do just that. I had heard some good things about frontman Grant Bloom from some friends so I decided to go check the three-piece out for myself. I didn’t know much about them except that the members are quite young, around 21 to 22years-old and that they are from the dreaded “mid-cities.”

When I arrived, the bar was starting to fill up with its usual crowd of regulars, other local musicians, and fans of the bands playing. Along with Troody, the bill included The Fluorescents, Panic Volcanic, and Mountain Kid. I found a nice spot close to the back of the room with a clear view of the stage while I waited for the band to finish its soundcheck.

Troody is bassist Caitlyn Holley, drummer Codie Binion, and Bloom on guitar. They kicked off their set with a tune that had groovy bass lines and precise harmonies from Holley and Binion, complimenting Bloom’s smooth lead vocals. During the second song, Bloom moved effortlessly into a nice falsetto showcasing his range. Their sound is of the same airy pop-rock style as The Hendersons with a more soulful vocals along the lines of Chris Watson.

Modern Lights

The trio’s impressive vocals in the song “Hazy,” which featured a lot of repetition of that word, harked back to early Motown-style soul harmonies.

Binion took the lead vocals on a later tune, his voice was deeper and more growling than Bloom’s bringing a more rock edge to the set. While Binion sang, Bloom had a chance to exhibit his guitar skills a little more. I noticed several of the more seasoned musicians in the room stop and watch the set, also clearly impressed with the young talent on the stage.

Holley and Bloom switched instruments a bit later while Holley took over on vocals. Her voice was beautifully clear with a slight rasp that reminded me a bit of Amy Winehouse. I could easily picture Holley fronting her own band if she wanted to. However, the three of them together were truly mesmerizing. They were super tight and seemed as if they’d been playing together for years.

The band closed with The Velvet Underground’s “After Hours,” a fun, quirky tune that left the audience energized and ready for the rest of the evening. If you ever see Troody on a bill, do yourself a favor and go see them. I’m expecting them to be everywhere in the next year.





  1. I couldn’t be more proud of these kids! They work so hard and yet not at all because the enormous talent that spans the stage when the play! I love these kids and couldn’t be more proud or excited! Love u guys to the moon and back!