The Guardian‘s amazing year-long project, The Counted, is tracking and examining the number of people killed by police and other law enforcement agencies in the United States during 2015. The reporters have made some interesting discoveries, and the series is well worth a read.

If you had to guess which American county has seen the most per-capita police killings this year, would you say Los Angeles County where all those drugged out Left Coast freaks live, or Harris County, home to big, scary Houston, or Cook County, IL, and its violent (and toddlin’) Chicago?

Well, Tarrant County tops all three of them. This story focuses on the worst of the worst, Kern County, CA. A graphic in the story lists the counties in order of shootings, and Tarrant County is dangerously close to the top, along with Dallas County.


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  2. You write that Tarrant and Dallas counties are “dangerously” close to the top, as if being higher on the list is an indictment against police departments. Has it occurred to you that there is more criminality in venues with more police killings? In San Bernardino there were recently two police killings of jihadists who tried to shoot it out with cops. These two killings move San Bernardino police upward on the list. Is that bad?

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