Gabriel Horn’s latest adventure started eight years ago at an art auction in Los Angeles. The Fort Worth actor was looking to buy some artwork when a pencil drawing of Jesus Christ caught his eye.

“I have a great sense of facial recognition,” he said. “I recognized the face from other Picasso paintings from his Blue period. I also collect autographs, so I noticed the signature.”

His quest to authenticate the picture and trace its history forms the basis of his documentary film project, Picasso’s Christ.

300 X 250 North Richland Hills Library

The 38-year-old started out as an actor, attending Dallas’ KD Studios after graduating from Cleburne High School. An itinerant career took him between Virginia, Los Angeles, and North Texas again. His career in front of the camera includes the lead role in Tom Huckabee’s road-trip comedy Carried Away, but he admits it hasn’t been as prolific as others’.

“I want really juicy roles that turn me inside out,” he said. “I’m really picky. If I wanted to make a living accepting every vampire and zombie role, I could probably do OK, but I don’t need to do it so bad that I’m willing to sacrifice what I think is vital about it.”

Instead, he has shifted more of his efforts to producing films, which he was inspired to do by working construction out east. “I made this correlation between a builder and a producer,” he said. “They’re nothing but the guys who generate a blueprint and gather together contractors. From then on, I was never intimidated by a producer.”

He served as a co-producer on Carried Away, but he also created the humorous web series Nick Plenty: Internet Millionaire! and the TV series Ghostbreakers, which currently airs on the Family Channel. The experience has taught him patience and the value of managing expectations, he says.

He bought the drawing with the idea of making a documentary film about it. He won’t say how much money he spent on Picasso’s Christ, but says it was “significant” and added, “There’s been times when I wish I hadn’t.”

He was further intrigued when he found a label on the back of the drawing from the Andrew Crispo Gallery, a New York venue whose owner was notoriously involved in the 1985 “Death Mask Murder,” which brought to light Crispo’s penchant for cocaine-fueled S&M sex orgies. (Another man was convicted of the murder, but some still believe Crispo committed it.) Horn is trying to find a safe way to approach Crispo, who was subsequently involved in other violent crimes, but in the meantime, he’s keeping to the safer confines of art museums, trying to find experts to weigh in on the art. Picasso sketchbooks in museums around the world might help validate the provenance of Horn’s drawing.

Horn’s previous projects were financed by investors or himself, but he’s taking a different route with Picasso’s Christ, using

“This project doesn’t need much money,” he said. “It’s so small, and the audience is so large, it makes sense we can attract donations. I didn’t want to get into a big campaign with t-shirts and stickers, so we said anyone who donates will get a ‘thank you’ on the Internet Movie Database. If we can find a capital partner, we can do this quickly. If not, we’ll just go along.”


  1. Mr. Gabriel Horn was advised recently that the label on the back of the drawing of Christ
    was a fake and frauulent label. He was sent copies of originall labels so he could see that the label on the back of his drawing is in fact fake. MR Gabriel Horn was also advised that Mr.Andrew Crispo has no recollection of or any knowledge of the drawing of Christ and
    Mr . Crispo stated that there is no reason to place a fraudulent label on the back of a picture except for the purpose of deception.
    Why Mr. Horn has decided to attack Mr. Crispo for the truthful answer (with proof) presented to Mr. Horn regarding the fraudulent label is beyond comprehension.
    Mr. Horn may not like the answer given him
    by Mr. Crispo concerning the fake and fraudulent label on the back of the framed .
    Drawing of Christ …..but his attacks on Mr.
    Crispo are childish ,unprofessional and unbecoming .And certainly lacking in dignity
    Mr.. Gabriel Horn should stick to the real
    Issue: is the drawing of Christ authentic
    Or is it fake. And if the label is fake and fraudulent… Mr. Crispo claims and has proven it to be a fake and fraudulent label…..
    Was the label used to promote deception ?
    Further more Mr. Andrew Crispo suggest that Mr. Horn cease referring to the label as an
    Original which said label is nothing but a fake and fraudulent label.

  2. I’ve been following this story for years now and am very intrigued! So, basically, what you’re saying is that if the Picasso drawing is proven to be real then The Andrew Crispo Gallery didn’t own it and somebody put a fraudulent Andrew Crispo Gallery label on an authentic Picasso? If the Picasso is proven to be a fake, then the Andrew Crispo Gallery either sold a fraudulent piece of art or someone tried to pass off a fake Picasso using the Andrew Crispo Gallery as the label on the back? Why wouldn’t they choose a label to put on the back of a fake Picasso from a gallery not associated in any way with criminal activity, which is so easily searchable on the web regarding the Andrew Crispo Gallery. It makes sense why Mr. Horn has had so much difficulty authenticating it. There is something super creepy about this!
    I can’t wait to see this documentary!

    • Ref. The Artsy Lady Uptown
      (A reply sent Feb.15.2018)
      It is perfectly obvious that the comments made on behalf of Andrew Crispo were directed only to the fact that Mr. GABRIEL HORN was informed
      that the label on the back of the picture of Christ is fake and fraudulent .Mr. Horn was also presented with proof that the label on the back of the framed drawing was fake and fraudulent and was presented
      With a copy of an authentic
      label. The difference between the fake/fraudulnt label and the authentic label is obvious and astounding. Mr. GABRIEL
      HORN should have notified his
      group of investor/donors of his
      knowledge of the questioable
      and fake and fraudulent label,
      however he chose to remain silent. Mr. GABRIEL HORN is perfectly aware of the rules
      of GO FUND ME concerning truthfulness in petitions for
      with GO FUND ME . To this date
      Mr. GABRIEL HORN still has not
      mentioned the answer he received from Mr. Crispo sometime ago concernng the
      fake and fraudulent label on the back of Mr. HORN’S framed drawing. Mr. HORN was also informed that Mr. Andrew Crispo
      has never owned nor had any
      familiarity with the drawing prior to seeing the image through Mr.
      Horn recently. Why doesnt Mr.
      Horn go and visit the experts on the artist before he continues his charade through a Documentary that may be tainted with questions of
      Integrity concerning its truth-
      fulness of facts. While dwelling on the image of Christ …..we should reflect on the words of
      Jesus Christ;
      “Let he who be without sin
      cast the first stone” .
      What MR. GABRIEL HORN is doing lacks integrity, or any professional behavior nor
      dignity .

  3. Hats off to Mr. Horn for kicking in a hornet nest in search of the truth! That’s what a truly remarkable documentary is supposed to do. I’d like to point to Saint John 8:32 “…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  4. It is not at all surprising that Gabriel Horn has recently removed all other campaigns on
    GO FUND ME that he initiated other than the one concerning the CHRIST drawing. His intentions from the begining of his GO FUND ME campaign was to vilify Andrew Crispo….
    because he was not satisfied with the information given to Mr. Gabriel Horn that the label on the back of the framed drawing of CHRIST was,in fact a, fake & fraudulent label
    And that Mr.. Crispo denies any knowledge or familiarity with the picture prior to his viewing images of it through Mr. Gabriel Horn. Mr. Crispo also denies having sold the drawing of Christ either personally or through his Art Gallery. Yet Mr.Gabriel Horn has remained silent as to the information he was provided from Mr. Andrew Crispo. Why has Mr. Horn
    remained silent ….especially to his funders/
    Investors/ and the public at large that the label on the back of the Christ drawing is fake and fraudulent. Mr. Horn claims he is seeking the truth as to authenticity of the CHRIST drawing, and yet when provided with proof of the label on his drawing being fake/fraudulent
    [Mr. Horn was provided with a facsimile image of an authentic label from Andrew Crispo Gallery,Inc.and more ] Mr. Horn refuses to tell his
    GO FUND ME investorrs/funders and the
    General public of information provided him
    Of the questionable authenticity of his documentation through the fake and fraudulent label. His position and his claims
    are now in question and it is obvious that he is not as interested in the truth about his drawing of CHRIST as he is about vilifying Mr. Andrew Crispo. Has Gabriel Horn no shame?
    Why Mr. Horn did you recently remove from GO FUND ME your various other campaigns for funds ? And why haven’t you published
    the information provided to you some time ago by Mr. Andrew Crispo concerning the
    Fake and Fraudulent label and information
    On the back of the framed drawing of CHRIST?
    Mr. HORN : Can you answer the above questions truthfully ? It would be refreshing.

    Mark Twain(and others) are credited with the following quote :


  5. Correction:

    ” they deem him their worst enemy
    who tells them the truth ”

    PLATO , philosopher
    (427-347 BCE]

  6. This comment is addressed to GABRIEL HORN
    And JENNIFER FLOYD and their joint entities

    question: what happened to the money raised from over 43 donors/investors from a solicitation you ran on GO FUND ME.COM.?
    Don’t you think you should let the public know?

    question: did NEW PALACE FILMS.COM
    receive money from PRETTY GIRL FLOYD
    Was that money raised by donors /investors
    through your campaign and solicitations on
    GO FUND ME ?
    Why do you continue to solicit for donors/investors through PAYPAL made payable to PETALS GALLERY ?

    We’re the rules governing truthfulness in
    solicitations by GO FUND ME too much
    to deal with given their strict adherence to the
    Law ?

    Why haven’t you revealed the truth ….that
    You have been made aware by Andrew Crispo
    that the label on the back of your drawing of Christ is a fake/fraudulent label ,

    It also appears that the CHRIST drawing is
    nothing more than a tracing done over an
    El GRECO painting. Can you explain what the mystery is: you illustrate the tracing over the
    EL GRECO in your trailer. How dumb are you to not notice that ? You know the answer to the question : is your picture real or not.? You’ve answered that question. The artist whose signature appears on your drawing did not trace from EL GRECO….why would he need to?
    And why do you continue to say the untruthful
    things you say ?

  7. ” If you stop telling LIES about me….
    I will stop telling the TRUTH about you ”

    Saved from :

  8. Dear “On Behalf of Andrew J. Crispo / John Onee / Miguel / Manny / Ignacio Brenes”,… If Andrew Crispo has any issues with me, the interview he cut short for my documentary, or the money I paid you to give him for his interview…well, he can just call me directly. Otherwise, feel free to purchase tickets to the NYC screenings and discover the truth behind your questions and curiosities along with the rest of the audience. I will NOT engage any further here!
    Best of luck to you.

  9. in reply to : Gabriel Horn
    Sent on behalf of Andrew Crispo

    it is not surprising that Gabriel Horn has
    steadfastly avoided and thereby refuses to answer simple questions put to him regarding
    his documentary over a drawing of Christ
    And which he claims has a label from
    Andrew Crispo Gallery. Mr Andrew Crispo
    has proven to Mr. Gabriel Horn that the label
    on the reverse of his drawing is in fact fake and fraudulent and that the drawing was never
    owned by or sold by the Andrew Crispo Gallery
    Inc. or by Andrew Crispo personally.
    And there are other issues with Mr. Gabriel
    Horn, Pretty Girl Floyd Films, New Palace Films that are in need of answers. In particular
    the petition through Go Fund Me was done
    as a sham and when the questions to Mr.
    Gabriel Horn were posted to him he suddenly closed down his petition to Go Fund Me and
    took the money and created a similar petition
    to be paid thru Paypal…..which is not as strict
    as Go Fund Me as to adherence to the Law.
    There are questions he did not answer as to the truthfulness of his facts in his Trailers.
    Since Mr. Gabriel Horn used both Go Fund Me
    And The Fort Worth Weekly to promote his
    Documentary he needs to stand up and answer questions that are put to him through those same forums . Otherwise it is sadly but perfectly clear that Mr. Gabriel Horn may have used those public forums in an manner that
    I consider Criminal and Fraudulent in order to achieve money, publicity and other gains in a manner dubious and corrupt and in violation of Federal and State laws. Mr. Gabriel Horn,
    have you no shame ?