I don’t know Trey Chapman. I’ve met him and have seen him at events, and I know he has a significant following and lots of friends in the Fort Worth restaurant world. I didn’t initially see it when the noted food blogger/vlogger/brand ambassador behind Trey’s Chow Down made a body-shaming Facebook post about women wearing yoga pants in public. (He claimed his comment wasn’t directed at women and that it applied to men who also wear yoga pants.) He later said he was sorry for his post, though in his apology he didn’t really acknowledge any wrongdoing. Therefore, it rang pretty hollow to lots of people.

Being a tone-deaf misogynist isn’t a crime, and Chapman is allowed to say whatever he wants on his social media channels or anywhere else. But what he has characterized as a harmless joke created a social media brushfire. After his comment metastasized throughout various closed Facebook groups, multiple women accused Chapman of harassment and gave personal accounts to me of what they believe are inappropriate behaviors. The Weekly doesn’t want that associated with our brand, so we cut ties with Chapman, who was to be a co-host of our Third Annual Celebrity Chili Cook-Off on Sun, Mar 4, in front of the Tin Panther (937 Woodward St, 817-720-6868).

It’s never been OK to body shame or demean women, but until the recent #metoo movement and the feminist awakening in our country, that kind of behavior had been quietly tolerated –– especially in the service industry.


As someone who worked in the restaurant business for more than 20 years, I’ve seen women endure everything from groping and unwanted aggressive advances to name-calling and physical bullying by kitchen workers and waitstaff. I’ve witnessed countless customers who have objectified and abused servers – folks whose livelihoods depend on tips – and egomaniac owners and managers who humiliate women by toying with schedules and pay. Sure, that sort of thing happens to men, too. But the comparison isn’t even close. And if you’re the sort of person who thinks that women open themselves up to harassment by dressing nicely or a little provocatively, well, let’s be honest. You’re probably not a big reader and haven’t made it this far – but, please, feel free to leave a vicious but half-baked comment on our Facebook page

Restaurants wear their rough-and-tumble subculture as a badge of honor. All kinds of bad behaviors are written off as a byproduct of creative people working under tremendous stress. But maybe that’s not good enough anymore. The #metoo movement is working. There’s little doubt that had this happened a year ago, Chapman would still be associated with our event.

I hope to see you at the Chili Cook-Off. Bring the friends, bring the family, come as you are. Wear whatever you want. Including yoga pants


  1. Wow. I’m pretty sure that this article is the problem with our great country . I read Treys artical about Yogo pants and it seemed to me that he was trying to be funny. I myself find yoga pants to be very sexy and revealing, to that point some people should and shouldn’t wear this type of attire. Let facts be facts. Nobody wants to see an extremely over weight person attempt to squeeze into a pair of yoga pants. He is only being honest. Maybe before you make snap judgements and call him names like sexist you should sit down and speak with Trey. I’m so sick of these types articles and you would think the readers of this once great magazine would be in the same boat.

    • I guess you didn’t finish the article or forgot about the part where I talked to numerous women about other things he’s done – things I left out of the story. As I said in the story, yoga pants are just what started a chain reaction that led to women coming out of the woodwork. We were far less concerned with his dumb comment than the accusations that followed.

    • There’s nothing factual about your personal opinion regarding who does or doesn’t look attractive in yoga pants. It is your prerogative to like or not like something, but there is no reason whatsoever that anyone should pick their wardrobe based on what you, Chapman, or anyone else thinks. Also, this may surprise you, but yoga pants come in all sorts of sizes, so you can stop being haunted by the image of people attempting to squeeze into them and now that it’s pretty much the same process for everyone- one foot at a time.

    • Oh look it’s Political Cowboy Chad. Of course you’re going to stick up for your best bud. Turds usually hang out in piles. Go back to your hate-filled, wannabe Blue Collar, conservative “comedy” blog where you and the rest of your silver-spoon, trust fund buds can circle jerk each other about how persecuted you are in this “new PC world.” Bunch of hee-haw morons.

  2. Lemme get this straight. Is this a personal thing towards Trey? So he posted something about yoga pants(as a joke) on his personal Facebook? So this “wannabe” journalist thought it would be a good ideal to bash his name in Fort Worth Weekly? So I am friends and follow a lot of “great” women that are into fitness/bodybuilding. At any given time I can look at Facebook and see a post about their thoughts on men and how they look in skinny jeans. Some say they look stupid, idiotic, and some even make fun of their chicken legs. I watch funny comedians all the time talk about fat, women, men, skinny, white, black, Mexican, and Asian people on a regular basis. Where is your articles shaming them? Are men suppose to be comfortable and accept that women are allowed to hate on us? With that being said, I don’t know who this Chow Baby who wrote that hypocritical shit is but I’m willing to guess she/he is self conscious, or unhealthy and took it personally. That is in no way Trey’s fault for her/his insecurities. I may not know him that great but from when I was around him last year at the cook-off he was an awesome guy. You shouldn’t smear a mans name in the ground for your own personal vendetta. Especially after he apologized when he didn’t have to. That’s what’s wrong with journalism today, horrible journalist. If you were mad at that Facebook status, maybe you should evaluate your life and change it for the better. There’s a lot other things in this world to get mad over. Next time a woman post something bad about a man I hope to see y’all jump on that bandwagon as well. SMH

    • I’ll tell you what’s wrong with journalism – an audience that either doesn’t read or understand the story. Try rereading it (the whole thing, please) and then try again. I say very clearly that the Facebook post alone wasn’t the reason we cut ties.

    • I don’t equate “chicken legs” with saying that someone looks “disgusting” or claiming that looking at their body causes retina damage. I have a hunch that most other people don’t either.

  3. Someone who thinks they have the right to put their hands on women without their permission and to sexually harass numerous women isnt someone i would want to represent me. Kudos on the article.

  4. You obviously didn’t read the article in its entirety. It was after he made his juvenile, poorly spelled post that women came out of the woodwork about what a scumbag he has been towards women for YEARS. It wasn’t until recently that women felt they could speak up and NOT be fired or retaliated against… I promise you, if you knew even a quarter of the things that this man has said to women within Fort Worth, whether he thought it was funny or not… you would not be backing him up. I encourage every single supporter of his to truly think about the affects of sexual harassment. What if he said these things to your daughter? Your mother? Your sister? Your wife? YOU? It was not just a yoga post, man. #TIMESUP

  5. This is the Exact reason I stopped advertising with FT. Weekly you make judgements like this but condone all the illegal and sexist ads that prop you’re trash up.

    • That’s a total straw man argument. There’s a huge difference between calling someone out for unwanted, unsolicited sexual harassment versus running ads for consensual chat lines.

      The women victimized by harassment had no choice in the matter, whereas you have to willingly dial those phone numbers and be a consenting adult to engage with the “singles” chat lines.

  6. I think I would have written, “After further investigation, I have learned, there are women who feel they have been victimized by Trey. Therefore we are cutting ties with him.”

  7. After this article, I’ve had enough! The only opinion in which I was interested in reading under Chow, Baby was restaurants and food service related. This article should be under a different section. If crud like this is what I have to look forward to when I pick up a copy, I will simply refrain.
    Btw, if you’re too embarrassed and/or afraid to sign your name to an article that you author, you shouldn’t be a journalist.