(Photo courtesy of Eric Love)

From the “why the hell not?” category comes the new billboard alongside Highway 121, seen when traveling toward downtown near the Haltom Road intersection. The billboard depicts a Texas guy wearing boots and a cowboy hat while holding an English bulldog and sitting atop a Cadillac with steer horns on the grill.

“Fort Worth Famous Big Juicy” is written on the left side of the billboard. “Welcome to Fort Worth Texas” is written on the right.

What does it mean? We’re not sure, but it beats the billboard put up in the panhandle earlier this year that told liberals to leave the state.

WR_FW_300x250_Cold-Drinks 1

The man behind the Big Juicy billboard told us in an email that he’s Eric Love, a Bedford resident.

Big Juicy is the name of his dog.

“I am an extremely passionate person about Fort Worth,” Love said. “This is the greatest city in America. Great food, entertainment, arts, and the wonderful Stockyards.”

Big Juicy enjoys riding around with Love in his 1973 topless Cadillac.

“Everyone that sees him waves, gives a thumbs up, takes photos, and always says, ‘That made our day,’ ” Love said.

Here’s how he explains his motivation to rent the billboard:

“In Texas, go big or go home,” he said. “So I did what any good native of Fort Worth would do, I went BIG. I contacted Clear Channel outdoor advertising and told them I wanted a billboard going into Fort Worth for my dog, to honor him and the city I love.”

The billboard went up on Tuesday Aug. 14 near Fuel City.

“Big Juicy has made my life and anyone who meets him better,” Love said. “He is a driving force in my kindness campaign and promoting the city I love. I have no sponsors, no affiliations, and I pay for all our fun from my pocket.”