Fox News' Tucker Carlson gives Fort Worth a bad name. Courtesy Wikipedia

It’s no surprise that Tucker Carlson is lying. Again. He works for Fox News, after all. This time, he is fabricating stories about Fort Worth protestors and police.

The talking head, who is known for making racist and inflammatory remarks every time he opens mouth and who works for a network known to harbor racists and inflammatory remark-makers, is telling the rest of the country — at least the right-wingers who watch him — that Fort Worth police are, essentially, criminals abetting other criminals, who would be the protestors.

Ed Kraus is having none of it. On Monday, Fort Worth’s top cop released a statement telling Carlson to STFU.

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In the segment in question, Carlson alleges that on May 31, Fort Worth protesters looted and vandalized businesses and that “dozens of rioters were arrested for this.”

Carlson says that Kraus has dropped all of the charges against the actors.

“This information is absolutely inaccurate and is not consistent with the truth,” Fort Worth police said in their statement. “The only charges dropped were minor misdemeanors which did not involve property [crimes] or personal crimes.”

Carlson also alleges that Kraus said the only people committing the crimes were Fort Worth police officers.

“This too is absolutely inaccurate and a gross mischaracterization of any statement released by Chief Kraus or the department,” Fort Worth police said.

For race-baiters like Tucker Carlson, perpetuating us (white cops) versus them (black protestors) is good for his hardcore viewers, who would rather launch themselves into the sun than admit that, yeah, maybe I’m a little racist and should probably change that or that, yeah, I’ve been benefiting from white privilege my whole life — it’s never felt like it because I’m poor, though I’ve never been stopped by cops or armed vigilantes for driving or jogging in a fancy zip code or have had the police called on me for trying to barbecue some food at a freaking park.

“Recklessly releasing such inaccurate, unverified information does nothing for the good of the public and simply creates an environment of confusion and bitterness during a time in which so many are wanting their voices heard,” Fort Worth police said in their statement.

Aside from a couple of high-profile arrests, Fort Worth police and protestors have been getting along as well as theoretically possible.

Fort Worth police said they would like to “reassure our community, our officers, and our nation that our department is committed to ensuring timely and accurate information is disseminated to the public while remaining transparent.”


  1. Where did Kraus tell Carlson to “STFU”?
    On June 8, Kraus said he won’t pursue charges. That’s what Tucker reported. What a farce.

  2. ““Words are a start, but must be backed up with action,” said Chief Kraus in a statement. “To that end, I am dropping all charges for rioting that have resulted from the protests in Fort Worth, and each individual that was arrested for that violation will be notified by letter that their charges have been dropped. This is just one step on a long journey, but I hope it shows that the FWPD is committed to walking the path of reform with our community.”

    Forty-seven charges for rioting were dropped and three cases are still pending, said Officer Jimmy Pollozani, a police spokesman.

    This article is a blatant example of why people don’t trust the press. You are fake news!
    No wonder no one published your autobiography “Little Man,” it should have been titled “Big Liar”

    This is what is expected from a political shill who tweets “I’m white/Italian. I don’t mind giving up my place in line to someone who never had a chance to begin with. I’ll just work harder. #simple #life #whatareyouafraidof”
    To be honest I don’t think anyone wants your Blue Subaru Forester with a coexist + Legalize weed + Bernie stickers or your collection of used sandals and dirty bandanas.

    The only thing people may want is your collection of Rush CD’s since they were a fire band.

    Dirty and Deceitful Anthony!

  3. Obviously you haven’t watched Carlson’s show–you ought to. He has the highest ratings in cable The FW police chief is a pussy.

  4. It wasn’t only Tucker Carlson that disclosed that information. Fort Worth is getting as bad as N.Y. as far as hiding the truth about looters
    With BLM. We would like to see the charges in print, if there were any, which I doubt.

  5. Youre a left wing hack. Tucker Carlson is about as racest as Abe Lincoln. Thats how you know your winning, the last arrow in their quiver is to call you racest- when they can’t dispute with reason!

  6. You know you’re winning the argument when some lying hack leftist who calls themselves a journalist, calls you a racist. The pathetic hack who wrote this article didn’t by any stretch of the imagination include a single shred of truth. Every bit of this ridiculous article is nothing but your typical load of leftist lies.