While some other local publication may have copyrighted “Best Of Fort Worth,” we all know the original Best Of issue is right between your grubby mitts (or on your screen). Since 1994, your friendly neighborhood Weeklyfolk have been scouring our fair burgh for the best of the best in hundreds of categories to keep you in the know and point you in the right direction (especially when it comes time to dig in or cast a ballot). So come inside and stay a while. From best chicken-fried steak and burger(s) to best city councilmember and college athlete, the original issue bringing you the best of Fort Worth has you covered.

In acknowledgment of the topsy-turvy world we now inhabit, we have devoted an entire section to our frontline workers, the men and women battling the pandemic day in and day out and often without any thanks. To these brave first responders, nurses, doctors, and more, we say, “You’re the best.” Because it’s true.

Thanks to everyone who made the issue possible, especially our sales team, business office, writers, and our one-man-band putting it all together, Art Director Ryan Burger. Until next time … — Anthony Mariani


Click HERE to read Best Of 2020: Tribute to Frontline Workers.


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