The Lady plays the Scat in May. Photo by J Alberto Cortez


Arlington Music Hall
224 N Center, 817-226-4400
SAT 5/1: Texas Tenors. SAT 5/8: Rumours (Fleetwood Mac Tribute). WED 5/12: Ty Herndon with Austin Michael. THU 5/18: Arturo Sandoval. SAT 5/15 Sammy Kershaw.

Oscar’s Bar & Grill
1581 SW Wilshire, 817-447-7232
SAT 5/1: Go Ask Alice (Alice in Chains Tribute) and Nevermind (Nirvana Tribute). FRI 5/7: Saving Yesterday. SAT 5/8: Rich Girls (Hall & Oates Tribute) with The Grant Morrison Band.

Boulevard Brew 300x250

Lava Cantina
5805 Grandscape Blvd, 214-618-6893
SAT 5/1: Dale 305 (Pitbull Tribute). TUE 5/4: Grand Reopening Party featuring Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys with special guest DJSC (Dallas Cowboys DJ). WED 5/5: Cinceaux de Mayeaux Party featuring Nelly with DJSC. THU 5/6: Pat Green with Corey Kent. FRI 5/7: Emerald City. SAT 5/8: Infinite Journey (tribute). MON 5/10: Winger with Jack Russell’s Great White. WED 5/12: Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch. FRI 5/14: Like Combs (Luke Combs Tribute) with Blake Nation (Blake Shelton Tribute). SAT 5/15: The Spazmatics.

Three Links
2704 Elm St, 214-484-6011
SUM 5/2: St Yuma (album release) with Bayleigh Cheek and Benj Pocta. THU 5/6: Labretta Suede and Moondog’s 2-Piece Pack. FRI 5/14: FIT (album release) with Acid Carousel and High Life.
Trees Dallas
2709 Elm St, 214-741-1122
SAT 5/1: Sabbath – The Complete Black Sabbath Experience (tribute). FRI 5/7: TayDay with Tay Money & Friends. SAT 5/8: Mad Mexicans. FRI 5/14: Mario Judah.


Billy Bob’s Texas
2520 Rodeo Plz, 817-624-7117
SAT 5/1 & SUN 5/2: Miranda Lambert. THU 5/6, FRI 5/7 & SUN 5/8: Thomas Rett. THU 5/18: Eric Gales. SAT 5/14 & SUN 5/15: Thomas Rett.


Lola’s Trailerpark
2735 W 5th St, 817-759-9100
SAT 5/1: Ryan Hager (noon). SAT 5/1: Hardcore Troubadors. SUN 5/2: Holy Death Trio & Warlung (night). FRI 5/7: Beatlemania. SAT 5/8: Tommy Luke (noon). SAT 5/8: The Deathray Davies with Ottoman Turks (night). FRI 5/14: James Hinkle and Johnny Mack. SAT 5/15: Reid Perry (noon). SAT 5/15: Brandon Callies Band and Cut Throat Finches. THURSDAYS: Blues Jam with Playtown & Guest.

Main at South Side
1002 S Main St, 682-707-7774

FRI 5/7: Rosegarden Funeral Party with Ghoulsby. SAT 5/29: Black MASS featuring DJ El Macho. MONDAYS: Claws Out Comedy. Now open seven days a week.

The Post at River East
2925 Race St, 817-945-8890
THU 5/6: Terry McBride. SAT 5/8: Mike McClure. WED 5/19 & THU 5/20: Kim Richey.

The Ridglea
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd, 817-738-9500

SAT 5/1: The Chumleys, High Score, Under Currents, and Utter Nonsense (room). FRI 5/7: Unforgiven Live featuring Immortal Soldierz with Agg Foe & Sleep The Towntalk, Cash Fuego, Chedda Loc, Lexxi, Lil C, Lil Cas, Lukane, Mando Quintero, OG Thyra, One Deep, and The Stoners Circle (room). SAT 5/8: Dog Company with Big Useless Brain and Patient 0 (room). SUN 5/9: Mother’s Day Brunch with live gospel music by Kara Nichole (room). FRI 5/14: Brothers Beckham (lounge). SAT 5/15: May Daze featuring Parrotfish with Burning Mary, Have Near, Honeymoon Dolphin Skydrum, and Miss the Mark.

Scat Jazz Lounge
111 W 4th St, 817-870-9100
SAT 5/1: Tatiana “LadyMay” Mayfield. THU 5/6: Jaelun Washington Trio. FRI 5/7: The Tim Ishii Quartet. SAT 5/8: Alex Blair. SAT 5/15: Red Young.

Shaw’s Patio Bar & Grill
1051 W Magnolia Av, 817-926-2116
SAT 5/1: Joseph Neville. SAT 5/8: Meia Potter. SAT 5/15: Mike Kelley.

The Haltom Theater

5601 E Belknap St, 817-677-8243
SAT 5/1: Texas Spine Fest Day 2 featuring ASHen, Electric Vengeance, Memories of Dying Days, Mirari, Vile Cynic, and Violent Death. SUN 5/2: Ari Amunah and Peezee with LaLa Musiq, Lorvins, and Paisley The Hebrew. FRI 5/7: Unforgiven Live Fest featuring Immortal Soldierz, Lil Flip, Low G, and Rasheed. SAT 5/8: Prophecy 30th Anniversary Show with Coprolalia, Labellist, Macabre Eternal, and Transcendent Reticulum. SUN 5/9: Civil Unrest with Edgeface, The Great Hanging, and System 6. WED 5/12: Texas Hayride Series “Hay Girls!” showcasing Katherine Brown with host Kendi Jean. FRI 5/14: Fuego Fest featuring Justin Case, GT Garza, and Phazerellie Bambino. SAT 5/15: Decades of Rock Fest featuring Blue Feel, C4, Kimes, Grant Morrison, and Novakain.
Fat Daddy’s
781 W Debbie Ln, 817-453-0188 
SAT 5/1: Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Tribute) with CRUEligans (Motley Crue Tribute). SUN 5/2: Heart Journey Local Music Foundation Fundraiser and After Party featuring Copper Chief, September Moon, and more. THU 5/6: 80s Night with Division 80. FRI 5/7: Mo Jiles Band. SAT 5/8: Poison Cherry. THU 5/13: Lolaville. FRI 5/14: Ashmore. SAT 5/15: Incognito.

Local Radio Shows

THU: The Local Show with Amy Miler playing blues, folk, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, rock, and R&B from 7pm to 8pm on KXT (91.7). SUN: The Paul Slavens Show — curated by listener suggestions across many genres including local and national artists — is at 8pm on KXT (91.7). SUN: Reckless Rock Radio playing rock and metal from 10pm to 12mid on KNON (89.3 FM). SUN: Loud & Local with Debbie Sexton playing rock and metal from 11pm to 12mid on KEGL (97.1 FM).


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