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On November 1 and 2, Mexicans and many others of Latinx heritage will celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones during Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). In honor of the generations that came before them, the Jalisco-born founders of LALO Tequila are getting in the spirit by sharing their favorite memories of this cultural custom.


Maestro tequilero Eduardo “Lalo” González, for whom LALO Tequila is named, is the grandson of Don Julio González of the iconic Don Julio tequila brand. Lalo grew up in the same small town as his abuelo, where they both cultivated a deep love for the art and tradition of tequila-making. “I am proud to make LALO in a way that honors the agave, my family, and Mexican culture,” said González, referring to the traditional methods he uses to distill the blanco.



Friends and family of those who have passed remember their loved ones with ofrendas, or altars, welcoming their souls back to the world of the living for a day. Ofrendas are adorned with pictures, calaveras (sugar skulls), candles and marigold flowers, as well as the relatives’ favorite food and drink.


LALO co-founder and creative director, David R. Carballido, describes the practice of ofrenda building as fun, because “when planning the altar, you get to collect the things they used to enjoy.” That process, he says, “brings back memories of times you spent together.” Every item on the ofrenda has meaning, including tequila. When the deceased make the long journey back from the spirit world, the libation is used to toast their arrival.


“We leave a bottle of tequila for our beloved ones who are not with us physically, but in spirit, inviting them to have another moment of celebration with us,” said Carballido “Leaving a bottle on the ofrenda means you remember and honor the person that is not with you, and the pleasures of life they used to enjoy.”


LALO can be purchased online for direct shipping in 43 states and is widely available at bars, restaurants, and liquor retailers throughout Texas, Colorado, and California. To find a retailer near you, visit For more information visit or follow @lalospirits on Facebook and Instagram.


About LALO


Each batch of LALO is 100% pure. It’s made with wisdom passed down through generations of tequileros using the finest agave, handpicked from the Jalisco Highlands, cooked using a traditional process, and distilled only twice to maintain the agave’s integrity. The sole ingredients are fully-matured agave, a proprietary Champagne yeast, and deep well water, honoring the complex essence of the agave.

What began as a small, private batch for friends and family in Guadalajara turned into a tequila high in demand for its taste and purity. LALO is not intended as a special occasion tequila, it is intended to make any occasion special.