North Texas vocalist and songwriter JT Mudd, better known as Ishi, recently released his highly anticipated third album, Sweet Gold. The music video to one single off the album, “Goody Goody,” was produced by First Eye Media and features a multi-talented cast that includes Nia Brock, Medicine Man Revival, Nia Brock, and Cure for Paranoia. The groovy, hip-hop-beat-driven song that was filmed at a pool party alternates unhurried rap verses with catchy tenor chorus lines by Mudd.

“Sweet Gold is my third album, and it has been in the works for the past two years,” Mudd said in his press release. “I haven’t released a full length in over seven years. I had the material, but it did not feel right. I’m glad I took the time to wait and to allow this record to come to life.”