Perrotti's Pizza wants to help. Courtesy Firecracker PR

The Holidays are usually a time to congregate with friends and family, enjoy one another’s company, and celebrate together. Sometimes, they can’t be that simple or enjoyable. In addition to the usual financial burden of bills and monthly expenses, there are gifts to buy for everyone and not enough money to cover it all. Perrotti’s Pizza wants those struggling to make ends meet to relax this holiday season and let them cover some expenses.

Rather than having to spend all of the month’s money on bills and other expenditures, Perrotti’s wants you to be able to buy gifts for the kids and family and stress a little less about finances.“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy some peace of mind. We want to give hard-working parents some peace during the most financially stressful time of the year,” said Perrotti’s Pizza President Jamie Kinser.

Perrotti’s Pizza is selecting 2 families to cover their expenses. The bills can amount to up to $750. You may enter your family or a family that you know is in need by filling out the form on Perrotti’s website at  Happy Holidays from the Perrotti’s Pizza family.


About Perrotti’s Pizza – Perrotti’s Pizza is located in Fort Worth, TX on the Texas Christian University campus. In business since 1986, Perrotti’s has been a Fort Worth favorite for years. They offer pizza, pasta, subs, and more! Recently under new ownership by Fort Worth company ALG Holdings who is excited to continue growing the brand.