The hemp industry has been unloading products containing new alternative cannabinoids targeting specific moods and providing more benefits. One of the cannabinoids increasing in popularity is called CBN (Cannabinol), also known as the CBD for sleep.


CBN is a cannabinoid found in, and derived from, the hemp plant. Although close in chemical structure to CBD, the compounds produce very different results. CBN is specifically for getting to sleep, staying asleep and for anti-anxiety.



What is CBN?


Cannabinol, the scientific name for CBN, has been the newest upcoming cannabinoid and consumers have been flocking to it due to its sleep and relaxing properties.


CBN is created naturally due to the degradation of Delta 9 THC. Because of the technology that hemp companies have been able to scale, this magical cannabinoid can now be adopted at scale by consumers.


What is the difference between CBN and CBD?


Due to the fact that the hemp industry is discovering more potent benefits the alternative cannabinoids are offering, CBD has been slowly fading out into the background due to its lack of strength in benefits compared to CBN and others.


As the hemp industry continues to grow, more research will be done in the alternative cannabinoids space which will continue to fuel the expansion of the CBD universe. CBN has been one of the main heroes in that storyline. When consuming CBN, users can expect to feel the effects within 30-60 minutes, depending on the format of consumption.


CBN vs. Ambien vs. Xanax vs. Melatonin


Due to the increase in popularity and demand of CBN, many users are wondering if this little cannabinoid could be a natural alternative to Ambien and Xanax. That is a possibility, and it has the ability to also become more of an alternative to other natural sleep aids.


For example, Melatonin users have reported that, upon consumption, they experience long lasting hangovers and grogginess. Could CBN offer a solution to this natural sleep-aid problem?


Is this CBD–for–sleep cannabinoid legal outside of dispensaries?


Absolutely. This product can be bought at many hemp e-commerce websites. It doesn’t have any shipping restrictions and ships to every state in the United States.


This leniency is due to several factors, such as legislation not keeping up with the explosion of new cannabinoids, and the fact that these newer alternative cannabinoids seem to offer straight-forward solutions to complex problems.


Where can I buy CBD for sleep—CBN products?


While conducting research for this topic, verified customer reviews were also considered in order to gauge CBN’s actual reported benefits. Outside of certain products found with seemingly lower dosages than recommended, identifying any negative feedback at this stage is challenging. With that in mind, one review found on summarizes CBN’s benefits in a concise way:


“I have tried just about EVERY SINGLE stupid pharmaceutical medicine on the market. Sure they work for many people, but who wants to put something in their body that hurts it? Big pharma doesn’t want the public to know how great this stuff is.


Why not use something much more natural and effective for sleep and anxiety, ‘CBN.’ I take 2 about an hour or 2 before I really want to relax and it works amazing! It also has helped tremendously with my anxiety and again I’ve been on so much pharmaceutical junk I’ve given up and went the more natural way. Thank you VIVIMU, and thank you God for CBN and all of the other noids! So extremely helpful.”

 – Joshua H – Phoenix, AZ


If you’re interested, here are a few options for CBN products we recently found, including information on the product mentioned above:

Courtesy provides the highest dosing of CBN in the industry. They offer users with legitimate sleep issues great solutions in softgel form. Cannabinoids are only around 10% bioavailable in the system, so their 50mg dosing is 5x more effective than most other brands. Vivimu is also the cheapest product on the market that we have found with 1500mg per bottle going for $39.99 for their softgels.





Gummies are one of the most common ways of taking cannabinoids. HempHop offers sample sizes, 20 counts, and even a 60 count option. Their CBN gummies are some of the best on the market and that is what brings them to our second spot.







Carolindica offers CBN products in a very common form, capsules. The difference between their offering and Vivimu’s is dosage and price. Vivimu offers 2x as strong capsules for a cheaper price, however it is always good to have an alternative available!