The double-patty smash burger was savory. Courtesy Pour Decisions
Pour Decisions, 2800 Bledsoe St, FW. 682-203-0726. 12pm-2am Sun, 5pm-2am Wed-Fri, 12pm-2am Sat.

Pour Decisions is basically an adult playhouse. Literally topping the entertainment options is a large slide on the second floor which sends patrons down to the kitchen/restaurant below. The space also has a cozy rooftop patio and a neon-lit infinity mirror hallway that a staffer told me makes for great TikTok or Instagram videos.

Chugging beers and diving into the slide is a popular activity at the West 7th bar.
Photo by Edward Brown

Co-owner and head chef Alex Lines has launched restaurants and menus across the country, but his main area of focus as a consultant and chef is North Texas. He recently revamped the menu at the sports bar Off the Cuff in Deep Ellum.

On my recent visit, the bartender recommended a cocktail while I perused the menu. The Good Vibes was refreshing. Cucumber flavors abounded, followed by citrusy mint notes and hints of dry sparkling wine. The overall effect was tart, light, and intoxicating.


The first appetizer up, the Nashville Hot chicken taco, came with chunks of lightly breaded bird that was mercifully not too spicy, although it had a kick. The thick, toasted flour tortilla held the hefty mix of meat, shredded carrots and cabbage, and herb-infused mayo together commendably. The single taco was surprisingly filling.

The hefty wings were filling and not overbearingly spicy.
Courtesy Pour Decisions

Every bite of the Buffalo mac ’n’ cheese was a nuanced and delightful experience. The dense mix of seashell pasta dredged in mild white cheese was drizzled with piquant Buffalo sauce and topped with fried breadcrumbs and chives. Hidden within the lovely mess were several hearty fried chicken tenders.

Pour Decisions claims they serve the best wings in town, and what I sampled largely backs up that boast. Of the more than a dozen seasoning options, I went with the lemon pepper and Buffalo (both on the lower end of the heat scale). Served with a house-made side of pungent blue cheese, the lemon pepper bad boys didn’t disappoint. The poultry was juicy and boldly seasoned. The meaty Buffalo wings were similarly flavorful with the perfect level of vinegary cayenne pepper heat.

Not every item at Pour Decisions is heavy on the calories. The teriyaki chicken lettuce wrap arrived with several crisp Romaine leaves that were up to the challenge of supporting the generous servings of diced chicken breast mixed with a not-too-salty blend of teriyaki, diced carrots and cabbage, sriracha, and sesame seeds.

The smash burger fad seems here to stay. Pour Decisions’ smashed-up offering is notable for being a double patty, which adds girth to a typically flattened experience. The hefty sammy was served with minimal toppings: grilled onions, bits of peppery bacon, and a creamy and smoky aioli. The results were incredibly delicious.

The chile powder-dusted filet in the Nashville Hot chicken sandwich was a scorcher. The juicy bird exploded with fiery flavor only mildly cooled by thickly cut pickles and a slathering of mayo, and the fries, coated in a sweet/salty/smoky blend of spices, were a real treat.

The menu at Pour Decisions is surprisingly deep, given the relatively small kitchen, and the quality of the food here exceeds what one typically finds in an entertainment district that specializes in peddling booze. Whether you come for the Instagrammable environs or grub, there isn’t much at this West 7th area newcomer that will disappoint.

Every sip of the Good Vibes was light, fizzy, and delicious.
Photo by Edward Brown

Pour Decisions
Smash burger $13
Nashville Hot chicken sandwich $15.50
Chicken wings $14
Buffalo mac ’n’ cheese $13
Lettuce wrap $10
Nashville Hot chicken taco $4.75
Good Vibes $10