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It’s easy to get lost among all the jargon and new casino words, whether you’re just getting started in the casino world or trying out a new game for the first time. We present a guide to the most common casino lingo to aid you. Here you can learn the meanings of gambling-related jargon, slang, and abbreviations commonly used.



Your bankroll refers to the sum of money you have put aside specifically for gambling purposes. That is the maximum amount of money most of us are willing to use in a single session at the casino.

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The term action can indicate different things depending on the game involved; for example, if you play online at New Slot Games Canada, the action would refer to the total amount bet on a single slot machine during a given period.


Card Washing

Card washing, also known as scrambling, refers to the method of randomizing the cards used in casinos. To do this, it involves spreading the cards face down in two rows and shuffling them circularly. Today this term is not used so often because shuffling machines have replaced human dealers.



You will need to exchange your cash for chips, the equivalent of the casino tokens before you can begin playing any table games at the casino. The total amount that you pay refers to the buy-in. The buy-in is the equivalent of an entry fee in poker tournament lingo.


Card Sharp

The casino term card sharp refers to a player who is skillful at playing card games. When playing a game such as blackjack, playing alongside a card sharp is not a problem because you are both playing against the dealer. Oppositely, when playing poker for example, you will be playing against the card sharp.



Chips are the primary form of cash at casinos. Tokens for playing table games in a casino are called chips, available in various colors and monetary values. They are almost impossible to resist playing with, and you will frequently see gamers, especially poker players, “riffling” with them.


High Roller

After a given amount of casino play, you can play for higher stakes and take more risks to earn a significantly larger prize pot. The situation may occur after you have won a specific number of games at the casino.



The term house refers to the establishment that runs the game, in other words, the casino itself, whether it be online or land-based. The term is used in the games when players are playing directly against the house (the casino) instead of against other players.



Our glossary of the most frequently used casino lingo is now complete. You may come across many more terms, but after a few trips to a casino, you will quickly become accustomed to the terminology employed there.