Friends who donate together stick together (pun intended). Donate blood with a friend this month!

Patients in need of lifesaving transfusions need your help. All blood types are needed. In fact, blood type O negative is critical. This means less than one day’s supply is on-hand to help local patients. As the universal blood type, O negative can be used to treat any patient, regardless of their individual blood type. O negative is also the only blood type that is used to treat premature and unborn babies.


Upcoming Blood Drives

Carter BloodCare is urging area residents to make a positive difference by donating blood this month at these locations. As a special thank-you, each person who gives blood with Carter BloodCare in May will receive an insulated cooler bag.

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College of Health Care Professions

Tuesday, May 2 (9am-2pm, 4pm-8pm)

Location: 4248 N Freeway, Fort Worth.

Contact: Jheri Clark (817-632-5900)

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Chick-fil-A Saginaw

Saturday, May 6 (9am-1pm)

Location: 4500 W Bailey Boswell Rd, Fort Worth.

Contact: Barbara Campos (817-236-0130).

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Ventana Amenities Center

Monday, May 8 (12pm-5:30pm)

Location: 10327 Trail Ridge Dr, Fort Worth.

Contact: Allison Cook (817-559-7087)

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Cash America

Tuesday, May 9 (8:30am-1:30pm)

Location: 1600 West 7th St, Fort Worth.

Contact: Jennifer Swartz (817-339-3174).

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Premier High School

Wednesday, May 10 (9am-2pm)

Location: 6411 Camp Bowie Blvd #B, Fort Worth, 817-731-2028 x114.

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Light of the World

Sunday, May 14 (9am-12:30pm)

Location: 8750 North Riverside Dr, Fort Worth.

Contact: Russell Johnston (214-212-6901).

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Texas Oncology

Friday, May 19 (9am-2pm)

Location: Community Room, 500 South Henderson, Fort Worth.

Contact: Susan Ashlock (817-413-1590).

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Altamesa Church of Christ

Sunday, May 21 (9am-1pm)

Location: Fellowship Hall, 4600 Altamesa Blvd, Fort Worth.

Contact: Linda Smith (817-294-1260 x101)

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The Original Fort Worth Gun Show

Saturday, May 20 (9am-1pm)

Sunday, May 21 (10am-2pm)

Location: Amon Carter Exhibit Hall, 3401 Burnett Tandy Dr, Fort Worth.

Contact: Colleen Horan (817-412-5372).

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Westminster Presbyterian Church

Sunday, May 21 (11am-3pm)

Location: Fellowship Hall, 7001 Trail Lake Dr, Fort Worth.

Contact: Tammy McCurdy (817-292-1155)

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Ryan Family YMCA

Monday, May 22 (11am-3pm)

Location: Multi-Purpose Room, 8250 McCart Av, Fort Worth.

Contact: Kathryn Wade (817-346-8855)

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Powerhouse Retail Services

Tuesday, May 23 (10am-5pm)

Location: 812 S Crowley Rd, Ste A, Crowley.

Contact: Katherine Byrd (682-286-7608)

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Texas Health Hospital Clearfork

Wednesday, May 24 (8am-2pm)

Location: 5400 Clearfork Main St, Fort Worth.

Contact: Candace Moore Karima (817-433-7010)

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Medstar Mobile Healthcare

Wednesday, May 24 (12pm-5pm)

Location: 2900 Alta Mere Dr, Fort Worth.

Contact: Desiree Partain (817-923-3700).

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City of Crowley

Thursday, May 25 (12pm-4pm)

Location: Address: Crowley Rec Center, 409 Oak, Crowley.

Contact: Sandie Issacs (817-297-6707).

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Northwest YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

Saturday, May 27 (8:30am-11:30am)

Location: 5315 Boat Club Rd, Fort Worth.

Contact: Sharon Johnson (817-237-7237).

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Best Buy Fort Worth

Saturday, May 27 (1:30pm-4:30pm)

Location: 5944 Quebec St, Fort Worth.

Contact: Shelby Wedgeworth (817-238-6025)

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Walmart White Settlement

Sunday, May 28 (10am-2:30pm)

Location: Walmart #3773, 9500 Clifford Rd,  Fort Worth.

Contact: Ashley Pride (817-367-0965).

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Tanger Outlet Center

Tuesday, May 30 (12pm-5pm)

Location: 15853 North Freeway, Suite 990, Fort Worth.

Contact: Holly Conner (817-464-5400)

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Westworth Village City Hall

Wednesday, May 31 (9am-1:30pm)

Location: Westworth Village PD, 311 Burton Hill Rd, Fort Worth.

Contact: Elisa Greubel (817-710-2502).

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Omni American Bank

Wednesday, May 31 (9am-1:30am)

Location: 1320 South University Dr,  Fort Worth.

Contact: Jeannie DeLorenzo (817-367-5402).

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Donated blood is used to help people with life-threatening injuries due to serious vehicle accidents and severe trauma, those undergoing open-heart surgeries and organ transplants, patients receiving cancer treatments, mothers experiencing complications during childbirth, children with anemia, and older adults with age-related health issues. Please give.

Carter BloodCare is dedicated to giving life to the community. Throughout North, Central, and East Texas, we provide life-saving blood components and transfusion services that give hope to people in need. For more information, visit