Guitarist for hardcore punks The Phorids, Shannon Greer leaves behind a wife, an adult son, and a large group of family and friends. Photo by Juan R. Govea

The Me-Thinks, The Dangits, Crucial Times, and Antirad will play 8pm Saturday in Arlington at the Sunshine Bar (902 W Division St, 817-277-6252) to raise money for the family of Shannon Greer. The guitarist for the hardcore Fort Worth outfit The Phorids died recently from a blood disorder. He was 46 years old. He leaves behind a wife of five years, Roxanne “Roxie” Nicole Greer, and his 21-year-old son, Donovan Greer, plus a large extended family and circle of friends.

The show was put together by Dangits frontman Mike Noyes, who knew Greer for nearly a decade from playing shows together, mainly when Greer was in the punk band Rome I$ Burning.

“It was just a two-band show,” Noyes said of the Sunshine gig, “and then we got the news of Shannon, and it took just a couple minutes, and I knew we could make this into a benefit show. You couldn’t find anything bad to say about the guy. He was very much into music. There seemed to be no other way to celebrate his life than to put on a punk rock show.”


All proceeds from the $15 cover plus any additional donations will go to Greer’s wife and family, Noyes said.

Greer posted about his condition only four days before his passing: “Welp, kids … shit be suckin. As some of you are aware, I’ve been going through some pretty bad health problems … seems they have a name for it, AL, amyloidosis, a blood disorder similar to leukemia. Next week I’ll begin chemo and, in a few months, probably be doing bone marrow transplants. I’m not getting around these days lately, just getting out of bed has been tough, but we have a treatment plan, and I have a great number of friends and family to lean on. Ya’ll take care of each other, and everything is going to be OK.”

The proceeds from the show will be added to the $5,733 raised so far via a crowdfunding campaign for Greer’s loved ones. Visit

“It was a shock,” Noyes said of Greer’s death. “Some people might not have really known him, but [losing] someone that creative and passionate about music is going to leave a hole, for sure.”