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Sequels have become a staple in the world of cinema. Many successful movies spawn multiple installments, allowing fans to continue their journey with beloved characters and explore the rich universes created by filmmakers. However, it sometimes happens that promising films fail to secure a sequel, leaving audiences craving more. Let’s talk about the five films that never received the sequels they deserved despite their potential and fan support.


Warcraft (2016)

Directed by Duncan Jones, “Warcraft” is an ambitious adaptation of the popular video game series, which boasts a big army of fans. With new bosses and dungeons being regularly added to the WoW universe, the game keeps players all the time engaged. For instance, one of the newest raids in World of Warcraft is Amirdrassil: the Dream’s Hope. And many believe that it is quite challenging to complete. If you do not have time to dive deep into the new boss mechanics, then we recommend using the Amirdrassil raid carry service to be sure to defeat all bosses without wipes. In case you feel inspired after watching the movie and want to test out your skills, then you are always free to do so.


If you haven’t watched a film yet, you should definitely do so as the movie tells a story about the fantasy world of Azeroth, where humans and orcs clash in an epic battle for survival. The movie has all the elements needed for a successful franchise: a rich story, complex characters, and stunning visuals. It introduced viewers to iconic figures such as Lothar and Durotan and explored the complex relationship between the Alliance and the Horde. Unfortunately, due to lukewarm reception in the US, plans for a sequel were shelved indefinitely. However, the international box office success and loyal fans who supported the film suggest that there is untapped potential in the Warcraft universe that deserves further exploration.


District 9 (2009)

Neill Blomkamp’s “District 9” was a groundbreaking science fiction film that offered a fresh take on the alien invasion genre. Set in South Africa, the movie follows the story of a government agent who becomes exposed to alien biotechnology and is subsequently hunted down by his own government. “District 9” received critical acclaim, garnering an impressive 81/100 approval rating from Metacritic.

Despite the film’s success and its open-ended conclusion, no official sequel has materialized. Fans of the movie have long awaited a follow-up to explore the fate of the prawn aliens and the future of the main character, Wikus van der Merwe. Neill Blomkamp himself expressed interest in returning to the world of “District 9,” but as of the 2023 date in October, no concrete plans had been announced. The film’s unique premise and the questions left unanswered make it a prime candidate for an intriguing sequel.


Inception (2010)

Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending thriller “Inception” captivated audiences with its complex narrative and stunning visual effects. The film delved into the world of dreams, featuring a team of thieves who infiltrate the subconscious minds of their targets. “Inception” received widespread critical acclaim and boasted a remarkable 8.8/10 score on IMDB.

The ending of “Inception” left audiences in a state of uncertainty, sparking intense debates about whether the spinning top continued to spin or eventually toppled over. This ambiguity set the stage for a potential sequel that could explore the consequences of manipulating dreams and reality. Christopher Nolan has not ruled out the possibility of revisiting the world of “Inception,” and fans remain hopeful that the enigmatic story will continue in the future.


Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

Directed by Peter Weir, “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” brought Patrick O’Brian’s beloved Aubrey-Maturin book series to the big screen. The film followed the adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey and his crew as they pursued a formidable French warship during the Napoleonic Wars. Despite its modest box office performance, the film garnered a dedicated following and earned critical acclaim, including two Academy Awards.

While the film successfully captured the essence of O’Brian’s novels, it only scratched the surface of the vast literary universe. Fans of the books were left eager for more cinematic adaptations that would explore the further exploits of Captain Aubrey and Dr. Maturin. There have been rumors about a potential sequel for years, but no concrete plans for a sequel have been announced until now. The enduring popularity of the source material suggests that there is enough material for additional films in the series.


The Iron Giant (1999)

Brad Bird’s animated masterpiece, “The Iron Giant,” touched the hearts of audiences with its heartwarming story of a young boy named Hogarth and his unlikely friendship with a colossal, sentient robot from outer space. The film received critical acclaim and has since become a cult classic, beloved for its themes of friendship, empathy, and the consequences of choices.

Despite its success and enduring popularity, The Iron Giant never received a sequel. Fans have long hoped for the opportunity to revisit the world of Hogarth and the Giant and see where their adventures might lead. In recent years, there has been talk of a potential sequel, raising hopes of a return to this beloved animated world.


Let’s See What Will Happen in the Future

Although the above films have left audiences yearning for sequels due to their compelling stories, rich worlds, and passionate fanbases, none of them got a sequel yet. While various factors may have prevented these sequels from materializing, the enduring appeal of the movies suggests that there is untapped potential waiting to be explored. The film industry continues to evolve. So there is hope that these cinematic universes will eventually see the sequels they deserve, bringing joy to fans old and new.