A well-socialized puppy becomes a well-balanced, confident dog. Courtesy iStock

Guest contributor Shawna Gibson from SHAW’S Paws Pet Services (@FetchPetSit, 817-296-1769) has been caring for their own (and other people’s) furkids for more than 14 years. Since our second annual Creature Comforts edition last year, we’ve published her answers to your Critter Corrner questions in a Q&A format. (Think: Dear Abby.)

With the holidays behind us, many of you have new fur babies you’ve adopted recently. One reader has a question about what to do next.

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When you have a new puppy, when can they start meeting new dogs? Or start going to doggy daycare?



Happy New Year! First, I want to give you all the kudos on recognizing the importance of proper vaccinations for your new family member and understanding how vital it is for their mental, physical, and emotional health to safely and properly socialize with other pups. Dogs are pack animals. They need friends just as much as we humans do.

As always, I defer everything to your veterinarian. However, in my experience, after their second series of vaccinations at 10-12 weeks (which should include all the standard as well as InfluenzaLeptospirosis and Bordetella shots), it is the perfect time to begin socializing with your new best friend. If your veterinarian is out of any vaccines, please get in touch with me at the number below. I have many resources I can connect you with.

A well-socialized dog is a well-balanced, confident dog. Fort Worth has many excellent opportunities to socialize your pup, from dog-friendly restaurants, hardware stores, and parks to a plethora of wonderful Doggie Daycares specializing in organized activities and opportunities for social stimulation.

I would be remiss if I didn’t offer you or anyone reading this who has not had an opportunity to visit SHAW’S Paws Pet Care a Free week of play care and a discount off their first boarding. We have acres of climate-controlled, safe, fun inside/outside social stimulation and training. We at SHAW’S like to PAWty! Call us at 817-296-1769.