Tone Sommer will be remembered as an innovative bluesman and rocker and an even better person. Courtesy Facebook

Along with the rest of the local music community, we here at the Weekly mourn the loss of Tone Sommer. The long-time musician best known for his dynamic, innovative, soulful blues guitar died of an apparent suicide last week.

“What a great guy and an amazing guitar player Tone Sommer was,” posted Blake Parish (Royal Sons). “I’m just in shock. … You are sorely missed, my friend.”

Tommy Katona said he and Sommer were getting sober at the same time. “I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my dear friend, brother Tone Sommer. We have shared the stage many times. He was a sweet, genuine man, a wonderful guitarist and singer. We played together and talked only a few months ago about both of our sobriety. I was happy to see him sober. We agreed on how much better life is now. I’m just lost for words. I will terribly miss him.”

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Over the years, Michael “Big Mike” Richardson often publicly professed his love for Sommer’s fretwork. “Man, what a brilliant guitar player and a cool dude … one of the best in town to ever do it.”

Patrick Smith said he had “a lot of good times” playing with Sommer over the last few years. “He was a wonderful, supportive, and sweet friend and an incredible musician. I’m sad to hear he’s gone. R.I.P., Tone.”


  1. We’ve lost so many great people and talents lately and now my great friend and brother. Tone I wish I had been with him that night or day didn’t have a clue he was that troubled and now he’s gone. Be well and with God my brother I miss you. Bill. Ham.