Bail Out at Tony’s

Capturing Katrina

As part of their documentary on Como, Fort Worth filmmakers Betsy and Carl Crum film Brother Barry.

More than One Square Mile

Fangs for the Memories



Thank You for Watching

Few people are able to parlay their passion for movies into a career, and even fewer can pull off a combination of filmmaking and...
North Texas actor Frank Mosley lives off the land in Nelson’s feature debut, Some Beasts.

Some Beasts: Land to Celluloid

In 2009 writer-director Cameron Bruce Nelson moved to Fort Worth to marry his longtime girlfriend, after a three-year post-college stint working on an organic...

Why I Won’t Watch A Ghost Story

When I learned of the latest feature-length effort from local filmmakers David Lowery, James Johnston, and Toby Halbrooks, my excitement curdled about as soon...