Local Artist Scores River Phoenix’s Last Movie

Strike Takes ArthouseFW to Surreality

Paradise to Hold

Fangs for the Memories



Best Documentaries of 2015

You may have noticed that I didn’t include any documentaries when I ran my list of 2015’s best movies last week. I’m never sure...

Drive Angry, Arianne

North Texas film and TV actress Arianne Martin had a pretty conservative upbringing. She was raised Southern Baptist in Garland, homeschooled for years by...

Crazy-Ex Girlfriend: Genius in Bloom

I parcel out my TV viewing hours carefully, since, as this paper’s film critic, I spend so much of my time on movies. We...

Strike Takes ArthouseFW to Surreality

Fort Worth is still waiting for its first indie film theater, but that hasn’t stopped groups like the Lone Star Film Society from programming...