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Michael Keaton is haunted by the character he created in Birdman.

Fly Away

The Man with Two Horns

Birdman, or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) opens Friday.

Film Shorts

Tessa Thompson (foreground, left) and her friends take a dim view of racial stereotypes in Dear White People.

The Blackness Project

Bill Murray relaxes while Jaeden Lieberher mows his lawn in St. Vincent.

Household Saint

St. Vincent opens Friday.

Film Shorts

Joaquín, María, and Manolo stand in front of a Día de los Muertos world in The Book of Life.

Gran Libro

Brad Pitt (foreground) instructs Logan Lerman about operating the tank called Fury.

Tank Busting

Addicted opens Friday.

Film Shorts

Jeremy Renner urgently follows another lead in Kill the Messenger.

Webb of Truths