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The Solo Sol folks find themselves the elder statesmen and -women of a scene within a scene, all revolving around Dreamy Soundz.

Solo Sol: Dreamgaze

We The Sea Lions’ frontman Jon Badillo (center) needs to get out more.

About to Roar

The bluesy psych-rocking Hanna Barbarians intend on releasing a series of EPs over the next several months instead of a single recording.

Death of the Album?

Killer or Filler?

The Dangits have gotten around to doing some recording -- finally.

New Music, Dangit(s)!

William Bryan Massey III strikes a redneck poster-boy pose.

Redneck Poetry

At 39, Kevin Aldridge seems to be just hitting his stride.

The Appraiser

Punk Drunk

Live Oak Re-branding