Calhoun will release its fifth studio album, Paperweights, in late May.
Calhoun will release its fifth studio album, Paperweights, in late May.

Calhoun is back. The dream-pop quartet fronted by co-songwriter Tim Locke expects to release its fifth studio album in May or early June.

Recorded with producer Will Hunt (Burning Hotels, The Hanna Barbarians, Holy Moly) at his Spaceway Productions studio downtown, the six-track Paperweights “sounds nothing like Heavy Sugar,” Calhoun’s previous album, said guitarist/co-songwriter Jordan Roberts. The new album “is by far our biggest departure,” he continued. “We got outside our comfort zone for sure. There is a lot happening, lots of synth, drum machines, arpeggiators.”

Roberts said the new album most closely resembles Calhoun, the band’s sophomore effort, while expanding on it “by about 1,000,” Roberts said. “It’s dreamy, dancy, bouncy.”


Roberts and Locke began writing in January 2012, starting with a project for fun: penning a song for the last Twilight movie. Though the songwriters had no intention of making another album –– Heavy Sugar was barely a year old at the time –– they continued writing, spurred additionally by interest from William H. Macy, whose forthcoming directorial debut, Rudderless, is about being in a band. “He heard Heavy Sugar and really liked it … but wanted to hear more stuff, so we just kept writing,” Roberts said. “It was an excuse.”

Roberts said Macy has expressed specific interest in “Knife Fight,” Heavy Sugar’s first single. Other Calhoun songs have aired on the TV shows Chuck and One Tree Hill.


Come Together

Locke and Roberts will perform acoustically on Sunday with New Wavers Burning Hotels, scuzz-rockers The Longshots, and Dallas’ Larry g(EE) as part of Come Together: A Benefit for Natalie Wolf at Magnolia Motor Lounge (3005 Morton St., 817-332-3344) from 3 to 8 p.m. In late February, three weeks after giving birth, Wolf suffered a stroke that affected the part of her brain responsible for motor skills on the right side of her body and her speech. She’s begun walking again only recently and talking more, but she’s still struggling with her arm. Though she is expected to make a full recovery, she will remain in a full-time rehabilitation facility for a good while. All proceeds from the $8 cover will go toward Wolf’s recovery efforts.



First, the good news. One of the most original sounding and coolest bands ever to come out of the Fort, JJ & The Rogues, is about to release its third recording and first album. Look for the 11-track Sweet Talker later this month or in early May. To wet your whistle, the piano-rocking quartet is releasing a cover of Dr. Dog’s “Me and My Girl” digitally next week. Now, the bad news. The Rogues don’t have a drummer. Ex-stickman Eric Navratil has moved away. If you’ve got the beat and love The Beatles, Elton John, and Elvis Costello, arrange an audition by contacting manager Liam Harvey at


MAF ’13

Festivals are all the rage these days, but back in 2002, when we inaugurated our annual Music Awards Festival, we were the only game in town. And in terms of bang for your buck, well, we’re still pretty much your one and only. Forty-eight Fort Worth bands on the same day for free? Only at MAF. The 11th Annual Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival will take place on Sunday, June 23, at eight venues in the West 7th corridor. The festival is part of our 16th Annual Music Awards –– look for the ballot online and in print starting next month. As always, the festival will be free.

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