American Idol’s monkey boy?

Posted May 19, 2009 by Jeff Prince in Music

With American Idol down to two finalists, the rabble-rousing web site VoteForTheWorst.com is suggesting everybody vote for “that guy that’s not Adam.”

Don’t you know Kris Allen is thrilled about this endorsement? It goes on to say, “The way the show pimps Adam is beyond ridiculous. It’s as if he’s already won. So we say, vote for that other guy. You know. The one who looks like a performing monkey with cymbals. What’s his name? Anyone know? Well, let’s help him win anyway.”

Monkey boy? Judge for yourself.

The two contestants have their sing-off tonight. Woo hoo! Go Cheeta!

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    Adam Lambert is AMAZING@! Vote ADAM for the win!

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