Is Breast Cancer Over Exposed?

Posted October 19, 2009 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

For weeks, I’ve been watching NFL football players wear pink — shoes, gloves, towels, whatever — to honor October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This recent Rasmussen report says almost one in every four adults will donate money to breast cancer this month.

At the risk of alienating women everywhere (which I DO NOT wish to do), I don’t think it’s fair that breast cancer gets so much attention, donations, walkathons, TV exposure, and other  support in comparison to other types of cancer.

Shouldn’t money be raised for cancer in general?

Prostate, pancreas, esophagus, ovaries…cancer attacks them all. Cancer kills indiscriminately.

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    padre bill

    I do believe recently, 20 USMC Men have come down with breast cancer. ? Maybe these pink women should do topless calenders to draw attention to their exposure…

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