Ewoks on the Wild Side

Posted November 1, 2009 by Jimmy Fowler in Blotch

The ewoks from 1983’s “Return of the Jedi” were largely responsible for cooling my passion for the original “Star Wars” franchise. Cute and mischevious to a teeth-grinding extreme, they appeared to have been created by toy designers, who then sent the prototypes to the movies’ FX team. Ugh. (That’s “ewokese” for “fuckin’ bullshit”).

At the time, I didn’t realize ewoks were capable of terrorizing cute and mischevious morning talk show hosts. I have a newfound respect. As we wave Halloween ’09 bye-bye, catch a glimpse of last Friday’s “Today” show segment featuring Al Roker, Ann Curry, and the world’s lamest Halloween craftslady. The ewoks provide hilarious non-verbal commentary (throwing a pencil at the Yoda “silhouettes” and a hot dog at the craftslady) before totally pissing off Curry and making sweet sweet love to one of Roker’s gams.


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