DFWian: Local Onion-esque Site

Posted January 4, 2011 by Anthony Mariani in Blotch

There’s a newish Onion-y local news satire site called DFWian that’s not half bad. One post that recently caught my attention (thanks, Twitter) is “Rest of Nation Pretty Sure UT Won the Rose Bowl,” commenting on the United States’ ignorance of TCU and Texas in general. The story’s pretty funny. Other posts include “Perry Tasks Legislature with Making List of Awesome Animals to Shoot,” “Bush Steadily Stocking Up for Presidential Library at Half Price Books,” and “Second Coming of Jesus Missed Due to Cowboys’ Awesome Video Board.”





    I like “TCU Implodes Hot Dog Cart to Make Way for New, Deluxe Hot Dog Cart”



    Thanks, Anthony!

    I am definitely calling out on site that the Weekly says DFWian is “not half bad,” or, I may shorten that to just “half bad.”

    We’re posting at facebook.com/dfwian or twitter.com/dfwian also. The site is entirely run on corndogs, so send us some if you want us to keep it updated.

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