Writing On The Wall For Highway System

Posted January 18, 2011 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

The Metroplex’s highway grid is conveniently growing on the wall outside Fort Worth Weekly‘s office.


That’s I-30 and I-20 running east-west across Tarrant and Dallas counties; and I-35W and I-35E running north-south through Fort Worth and Dallas.

The photo below shows what the highway grid will look like in 2025 when the combined population of the Metroplex is expected to top 10 million because everybody loves us so much.


P.S. — I realize this is a borderline blog post. I’m learning how to download photos from my camera to my computer and then to the blog site, which is complicated because I have to shrink photo files. I’ll probably be posting oddball stuff like this and yesterday’s post about hitting a bird as I’m figuring out this high-tech stuff. Please bear with me.


    Lucky Pierre

    The Fort Worth Stock Show is going on. Cover that if you’re able to walk further than just outside your office.


    Because cows chewing cud are infinitely more interesting than ivy on a wall.

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