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FWISD in Palazzolo Case Claims Racial Misidentification by Hearing Examiner a “Typo”

  The Fort Worth school district through its attorney, Walsh Anderson, recently filed a petition in the 348th District Court appealing the Commissioner of Education’s order to the board to reinstate former administrator and ...

Ryan McBride’s Music Gear Stolen

Anthony Mariani
  The latest victim in a string of thefts of musical equipment is Fort Worthian Red Dirt singer-songwriter Ryan McBride. “This couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” he said. “We have a lot of shows coming up for o...

Journalist Gets Last Laugh On Way Out

Jeff Prince
Lee Morris was mad and he couldn’t take it anymore. The managing editor at Valley City Times-Record (North Dakota) didn’t like how a new corporate policies were ruining the city’s newspaper by banning critical...

“Defend the Gulf” at 1919 Hemphill

Jimmy Fowler
We Americans tend to have the attention span of gnats, so Big News Stories too often come and go without leaving much of an impression. The Gulf Restoration Network is an organization of concerned citizens striving to keep peop...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Conan the Barbarian (R) Jason Momoa (TV’s Game of Thrones) stars in this new adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s novel about a warrior out to avenge the massacre of his village. Also with Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan,...

Night & Day

WED ? 17 Nathan Juran’s 1962 fantasy film Jack the Giant Killer and its notoriously bad stop-motion gets the MST3K treatment with Rifftrax Live: Jack the Giant Killer. Witness Jack’s sword flopping around and monsters who i...

Revolving Door

 Weekly staff writer Jeff Prince recently blogged about the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s head-in-sand reporting style on Tarrant County courtroom issues, specifically pointing out puff pieces about a local judge, written b...

Killer or Filler?

CDs by Constant Seas, Maren Morris, and We the Sea Lions go under our musical microscope.
Live Wire, Maren Morris: Maren Morris’ third album, Live Wire, is a mature effort from a singer who’s practically grown up on record. Her first release dropped when she was 14, and a loyal fan-base sprang up around her in n...

Wasting the Green

School landscaping project pours money (but not water) down the drain.
Forty days of 100-degree weather without rain can do a number on newly planted trees, particularly when their water source gets cut off.

Cowtown Bar & Grill: Bust a Move

Last Call
If there’s one thing that aptly captures the fenced-in ennui of a Monday, it’s getting stuck at a left-turn light that never turns green. I made this connection when the light at the Camp Bowie/377 traffic circle cycled thr...