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Down the Pipe

When the drilling rigs are long gone, the dangers of gas pipelines will be just beginning.
Chuck Paul bought 64 acres of land in DISH, Texas, north of Denton, several years ago. The father of four intended to live there with his family until the Metroplex grew to reach his area, then sell it to a developer.

Café Medi Sparkles

This gem of a Mediterranean bistro in Hurst is a destination.
The first time I ate Greek food, years ago, at an ex-girlfriend’s urging, her description of dolmas turned me off. Grape leaves? Who wanted to eat those?

Days of Wine and Lampshades

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby got a chance to bum around Europe while in its early 20s. Unfortunately, what could have been a life-affirming cultural awakening turned into a drunken romp through sticky hostels and dingy bars. I regret seeing Euro...

Space is the Place

Big Ticket
The Earth is crumbling. Disease is rampant, population is out of control, ice caps are melting. Of course, the logical thing to do is pack up and relocate –– to outer space.

R.I.P., Ken Russell

Kristian Lin
If Ken Russell hadn’t existed, the 1970s would surely have invented him. The 84-year-old British filmmaker passed away on Monday, quietly in his sleep. That sounds wrong, doesn’t it? A guy like that should have gone...

Danny White on NFL Concussions

Kristian Lin
While the Dallas Cowboys enjoy running the table in November and Jon Gruden gets flogged for his Monday night comments about hits to the head, we all might want to take a look at this excellent recent article in the Arizona Rep...

UNT Stages a Smoke-In

Jimmy Fowler
The UC Davis pepper spray incident aside, today’s college students appear too distracted to mount memorable protests against the status quo. How can you work up a nice head of righteous indignation while your attention is bei...

Fort Worth Quietly Weird

Jeff Prince
Doesn’t Travel + Leisure magazine know that Fort Worth is Funky Town? Says so right here in the Urban Dictionary. The New York-based travel magazine listed the top 20 American cities where the weirdest folks reside, and F...

A Belated ‘Thank You’ to the Trial Lawyers

It’s never too late to say “thank you.” This writer wants to do just that to the Tarrant County Trial Lawyers Association for the honor it bestowed on me two weeks ago — and by extension the paper that I write for — t...

Art Auction for “Raid”

Jimmy Fowler
If you’re looking to give the holiday gift of art by local artists and support a North Texas filmmaker, check out the online auction and virtual art show Out of the Ashes. Painters, photographers, illustrators, and designers ...