FW Police Save Day

Posted December 19, 2011 by Jeff Prince in Blotch

Another typical day at the office for Fort Worth police Officer Antonio Maldonado II, who investigates a weird case on the reality TV show COPS.

A woman flags down Maldonado to complain that another woman on the street owes her $20.

Maldonado interviews the alleged victim for just a few moments before correctly determining that it’s a drug deal gone bad.

“Were you planning to buy some drugs?” he asks.

“Yes, I was,” the woman said.

“What kind of drugs you wanting to buy?”


So Maldonado walks over the alleged dealer, who denies everything.

Well, almost everything.

“I don’t sell crack. I’m a prostitute,” she says in a huff.



    Both of these losers should be arrested or run out of town. Scumbags like this ruin good neighborhoods for everybody else.

    Bonnie Mays

    I actually saw this episode. HA! crazies.

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