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Jordan Richardson is Son of Stan.

SOS, Mace, Pinkish Black

 One of the coolest batch of tunes to come out of Fort Worth in the past couple of weeks is from … Los Angeles? Fort Worth native Jordan Richardson decamped for L.A. years ago to pursue rock stardom –– and everything, we...


A Season for Knives

Declaring a war seems a casual (and eternal) business.
It’s spring again. Must be time to start another war. Now it appears the target will be Iran. Or maybe Syria. John McCain wants to bomb Syria. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we bomb somebody. On the issue of Ira...


Mall-Dining Tip: Leave

Chow, Baby
Recently, I’ve been scouring area malls for a wedding gift that fits both the bride and groom’s expensive tastes and Chow, Baby’s budget — a tough mission. Since they were so inconsiderate as to not register at Target, ...

Comedy is the only thing that ever “felt right” to Josh Johnson.

Johnson Jokes

Fort Worth comic Josh Johnson isn’t what you’d expect.
At the Addison Improv in late January, Josh Johnson, a slender 22-year-old Fort Worth comedian, dropped an unusual piece of information at the beginning of his set, before the crowd could form any superficial impressions. “I ...

(From left to right) drummer Matt Mabe, frontman Danno Mabe, and bassist Anthony Sosa are totally in sync as Jefferson Colby.

Rock Explosion

Jefferson Colby is doing something novel: rocking ’n’ rolling.
Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth has a lot of rock bands. Indie-rock, hard-rock, stoner-rock, punk-rock. But good ol’ fashioned, straight-ahead, unhyphenated rock ’n’ roll? Eh. But Fort Worth, you could argue, isn’t the only city feeling the...

Tarrant Regional Water District crews redirected the flow in Marine Creek to allow for an extensive cleanup. Drago Reid

Cesspool No More

The water district cleans up Marine Creek, but city maintenance is still iffy.
For months, tattoo artist Drago Reid set up his easel each day to paint in Saunders Park next to Marine Creek in the Fort Worth Stockyards. But over time he grew frustrated that his artistic muse was cluttered trash and debris....

Corey Gossett


Gallery 76102
This weekend is your last chance to see There’s No Sun Shining Through, Corey Gossett’s site-specific installation at Gallery 76102. The exhibit explores the artist’s feelings of wandering lost in the vastness of the cosm...

The Raid: Redemption

Raid: Indo Cinema

It’s the best Indonesian thriller you’ll see this spring!
When was the last time you saw an absolutely badass Indonesian movie? The world’s fourth most populous country — and its largest Muslim nation — has made a remarkably small footprint in the movie world. That’s partly be...


Salmon Fishing: Running Dry

The pond isn’t as well-stocked as it seems in this Arab fish story.
Why is this movie called Salmon Fishing in the Yemen? Like the satirical Paul Torday novel that it’s based on, the film constantly refers to the Republic of Yemen as “the Yemen,” whereas in real life, most authorities sim...

Directing a Horror

Directing a Horror

A top local film society director was in prison before anyone knew of his kiddie porn obsession.
Jeff Prince
John Storm was introduced to Fort Worth Weekly readers several years ago when film writer Kristian Lin described the new leadership at the Lone Star Film Society (“Lone Star In Focus,” Dec. 31, 2008). Storm, the managing di...