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Night & Day

WED ▪ 4 The Texas Brahmas are back in the CHL playoffs, and this week they’ll be playing two or possibly three games at NYTEX Sports Centre against their North Texas rivals, the Allen Americans. After splitting the first tw...

No Frack

Where the Frack Are We?

The gas industry’s latest promotional campaign for Barnett Shale drilling reminds us that fracking — pumping the ground with toxic chemicals to get at that precious gas — is as American as pickup trucks and Little League....


Joe’s Ride

The Palazzolo case continues to cut a strange path.
Betty Brink
Joe Palazzolo’s friends might be forgiven for thinking that’s not his real first name. Surely it should be “Job.” Palazzolo, of course, is the former assistant principal who blew the whistle on malfeasance by top admini...

Brewfest 2012

The Golden Hour

Fort Worth Weekly
I wouldn’t say I was slapped with a moment of sentimentality, but as the Golden Hour fell upon Brewfest on Crockett in the West 7th Development last Saturday, I looked at the people milling around and was sort of smitten with...


Lost: Meanings

They say what has been seen can’t be unseen, that once you know the truth, you can’t unlearn it. That was before I saw The Glenn Beck Program. It started innocently enough. I am a journalism student. One of my professors wa...

mexican tacos

Eastward, Yo!

Fort Worth Weekly
My car knows where to find hole-in-the-wall Mexican food. It’s like one of those pigs that can find truffles, or a salsa divining rod. This time, though, it pointed its hood ornament not to North Main or South Hemphill street...

The Phuss has just released a killer new album and is on tour with The Toadies.

Killer or Filler?

Fort Worth produces garage, triple-A, punk, and post-rock for review.
Fort Worth Weekly Staff and Contributors
Here’s a split EP released on cassette (!) and digital download that features six tracks of raging, lo-fi punk rock thrills, with a virulence that I haven’t heard in these parts for quite awhile. Between these two bands, Do...

Doom Ghost/War Party's split album is available digitally and via cassette tape.

For Phuss Sake

Fort Worth Weekly
When The Phuss frontman Joshua Fleming says his trio is a “North Texas” band as opposed to a merely Fort Worth one, he means no disrespect. He’s merely telling the truth. A Keller native, the 23-year-old guitarist/singer/...

Keith Thomson’s “Untitled”


Firehouse Art Gallery
Oh, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, I made you out of clay. Don’t you just love when an art show’s title says exactly what’s in the show? That’s what’s happening this month at Firehouse Art Gallery: clay sculptures o...

Lily Collins faces off with Julia Roberts with Nathan Lane looking on in Mirror Mirror.

Mirror Mirror: Snow Job

This new Snow White fable looks better than it plays.
Well, I’m in a spot this week. The only new movie coming out this weekend is American Reunion, and it didn’t screen for critics in time for our deadlines. I was planning to write this piece about both Mirror Mirror and Wrat...