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Are the stars aligning for renewable energy in Texas?

Serious about Solar

Are the stars aligning for renewable energy in Texas?
North Texas, along with the rest of the country, is in the midst of yet another summer of record-breaking heat. The demand on the state’s electrical grid is so heavy that regulators around the country are worried about overlo...

Pretty much everything is authentic and scrumptious at Thailicious. Chase Martinez

Now that’s Thailicious

This new Hulen/I-30 eatery has all the authentic goods.
Although the new Thailicious restaurant sits, theoretically, at the southwest corner of Hulen Street and I-30, it’s barely visible from either busy thoroughfare: The eatery is wedged between a bank and a yogurt shop at the ba...

Lloyd Harvey stars in Jubilee Theatre’s Company.

Bell Rings, Door Chimes

Jubilee Theatre has reinterpreted the likes of Shakespeare and Molière before, but when it comes to musicals, the troupe usually sticks with original material. And why not, given that their original shows have been such great ...

Here's Rick Perry's health care plan for Texas!

Rick Perry Helps Us Get Healthy

Kristian Lin
Well, our genius governor is at it again. Rick Perry announced yesterday that he’s refusing to implement the Affordable Care Act in Texas, joining a list of Republican governors who are trying to act all tough since the S...

Draw ’til Dusk at the Amon

Jimmy Fowler
If you have no artistic ability to speak of, the idea of sitting in a museum and sketching great art might sound pointless. But the act of drawing ––– concentrating the mind, eyes, and hand together –– forces you ...

Palazzolo Files Second Whistleblower Lawsuit

“This case is bigger than Joseph Palazzolo in that the Fort Worth ISD is going to have to decide if it wants to allow altering student attendance records to justify state funding and performance scores, and whether white ...


Don Young Is Bad, He’s Nationwide

Jeff Prince
You’ve seen Don Young’s name in Blotch and the pages of Fort Worth Weekly many times in the past eight years, ever since gas drilling became prevalent near parks, schools, homes, rivers, and lakes. Prior to that, Yo...


Chance To Say Goodbye To Hicks, Hello To Gray

Jeff Prince
The Fort Worth City Council’s only African-American woman, Kathleen Hicks, will say goodbye and relinquish her seat at Tuesday night’s meeting. In 2005, Hicks became the youngest woman ever elected to the city counc...


Speak Out Tuesday Night On Redistricting

Jeff Prince
  Fort Worth’s attempt at redistricting is approaching a conclusion. Redistricting gives city officials an opportunity to create electoral districts that fairly reflect the demographics. You get a chance to bend the ...


Spying Principal Gives Fort Worth National Exposure

Jeff Prince
MSNBC.com put the case of the spying principal on its web site today, and Fort Worth is feeling the love, and by love I mean scorn, confusion, amusement, indignation, disgust, and derision. Wayside Middle School Principal Wende...