Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Posted November 7, 2012 by Jimmy Fowler in Blotch
Barack Obama

What am I happiest about now that the 2012 elections are over? Well, obviously it was a strong night for left-leaning voters –– Obama was reelected, Elizabeth Warren unseated Scott Brown in Massachussetts, Wendy Davis squeaked past Mark Shelton to save her state senate seat, and voters approved marriage equality for gay people in Maine, Maryland, and Washington. All good stuff, from a pinko perspective.

But actually, I’m most thrilled that everyone’s going to shut the f**k up about horses and bayonets, binders full of women, Obamacare, “legitimate rape,” Obama keeping his eyes down during the debate, Romney’s secretly taped fundraiser speeches, and all the other soundbitey “gotcha!” b.s. that pervaded this campaign. The silence is sweet, and yet, there’s a feeling of radical sameness in the air. The sun rose this morning, Tea Partiers are defiantly pledging to stand their ground, and Obama is a president who must figure out how to work with a fiercely partisan Congress. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.


    Obama's Seat

    Interesting graphic, if you consider exit polls as reliable. Looks like just about all groups are trending to repub’s, except Hispanics and Asians:



    Jimmy, you forgot the other phrase that got run into the ground this campaign season: “double down”. I’m declaring a moratorium on that one.

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