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Like the veal panache, the flavors are bold and the fare heavy at Alba’s. Tony Robles

Alba’s, Simply

Forget sleekness and fusion. Quaint and traditional are where it’s at.
With so many restaurants striving to be sleek and contemporary in their ambience and food, Alba’s Italian Restaurant stands out for its willingness to be quaint and kitschy. This family-owned establishment off Loop 820 in far...

TCU Cellofest runs Thu-Sun.

Sit-Down Strings

In his day job as a music critic, George Bernard Shaw once dismissed the cello as “a bee buzzing in a stone jug,” but more appreciative music-lovers know the instrument as the one that most closely approximates the range an...


J.R. Martinez Will Not Seek School Board Re-election

Eric Griffey
Joe Ralph (J.R.) Martinez said he will not seek re-election for his seat (District 8) on the Fort Worth School District’s Board of trustees. The seat was created last year after the board adopted a redistricting plan base...


Jesse Holley at the Movies

Kristian Lin
North Texas sports fans who are no longer anticipating the movie about Josh Hamilton can now count down the days to another sports biopic: Sony Pictures is now producing a movie about Jesse Holley, the former security guard who...

(flickr photo by robert w. howington)

Homeless People On The Attack Downtown

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth transformed its downtown from a dark, sullen, Mad Max-type of place in the 1970s and 1980s to the cheery, well-lit, activity-filled fun factory that it is today, with Sundance Square being the primary pride and joy. ...


Van Cliburn Finalists Announced

Kristian Lin
A few hours ago, the Van Cliburn Foundation e-mailed a list of the 30 pianists who have been selected to perform in this summer’s 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, and just as I promised you last week, I&#...


Texas SkyScreamer: Why Does That Look Fun?

Whatever the opposite of a bucket list is, put the Texas SkyScreamer on mine. Before I die, I hope never to be a victim in a terrorist bombing incident; nor be swallowed by a sinkhole underneath my bedroom floor; nor pay ––...


Most Notorious NFL Free Agents Include Three Cowboys

Jeff Prince
Three Dallas Cowboys players are included on this list of  the 20 “most notorious” free agent signings, according to the brilliant minds at Fox Sports. Sounds pretty damning to Cowboys owner and general manager Jer...