(flickr photo by robert w. howington)

Fort Worth transformed its downtown from a dark, sullen, Mad Max-type of place in the 1970s and 1980s to the cheery, well-lit, activity-filled fun factory that it is today, with Sundance Square being the primary pride and joy.

Bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and people o’ plenty now make downtown the place to be, even after dark.

Of course, downtown bigwigs don’t take kindly to homeless people mucking up the works.


Never have.

That’s why police nudge panhandlers toward the shelters on East Lancaster Avenue – and far away from the revitalized city center.

So you seldom hear stories like this one being reported by CBS – a man who’d left a bar near the corner of 6th and Houston Streets late last night is in critical condition after being stabbed by two homeless individuals who wanted his money.


  1. Whoa! Was he on the street getting his car or did he walk to a darkened area? I have never felt unsafe downtown but this is a bit frightening.

  2. According to the article, he ‘asked the two homeless guys where he could find an after-hours bar’? Hmmm. Who does that? Why do I feel there’s more to this story?

  3. jeniflower, you are using normal reasoning powers and common sense when you wonder why someone would ask homeless guys where an after-hours bar is.

    Common sense and reasoning powers are seldom in evidence at 2:15 after closing down a bar. The guy was hammered and got rolled.

    • Also, those homeless guys should have been in bed as well if it was past 2 am, because as my momma taught me, nothing good ever happens at that time of night.

      • What’s the point of being “homeless guys” if you can’t be up all night and roaming around downtown just to breathe the same air as the wealthy–and necessary accept their “donation” in the early morning hours when some are “generous.”

        Actually the guys in this story were simply trying to pay off the fines from tickets issued by FWPD for loitering, or something major crime like that, by performing community service –making sure the dude didn’t drive home under the influence.

  4. WOW! Report on someone stabbed AFTER the explanation of police chasing the homeless back to Lancaster. tsk…tsk…. I love society and their views of the world. The bubbles they create. And everyone who has this bubble surrounding them are always the ones that do not drive on Lancaster. They avoid it at all costs. No one wants to see the sadness for what it is. I used to drive by the missions that surround that area of Lancaster, several times a day when I delivered auto supplies. It’s truly tragic if you just stop for a moment and look. Look with your mind open. The numbers there are multiplying and the churches can only do so much. Instead of everyone pulling together to see what is creating the mass numbers of the homeless, the cities elite want them pushed aside and hidden. You can only sweep the dirt under the rug for so long. One day there’s going to be a mound of dirt causing a lump in the rug.

  5. Hey, you used my photo of the Chisholm Trail mural. Kinda not specific for this story. Hell, if you’d had asked I would have sent you a photo of a homeless dude I know. Randy is his name. Nice guy. I give him a few bucks and cigs every time I see him. But I was once approached by a out of his mind homeless guy near Burnett Park. He came at me but stopped short. I don’t think he realized in his off mental state who he was about to fuck with. Don’t be afraid of the homeless but don’t let your guard down either. Just how this sick world is.