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Stephen Dorff stars as a reluctant hitman in David Jacobson’s thriller.

Florence Nightingale

Heavy themes weigh down the portentous road trip thriller Tomorrow You’re Gone.
Lacking much in the way of star power, Tomorrow You’re Gone might well be a mystery to audiences when it opens this Friday in Grapevine. I wish I could say that the low-budget entry balances thrills and gravitas well enough t...

The Blaze brothers are still awaiting word on whether they’ve received a scholarship for their first short film, "The Morning’s Cold."

Dual Blazes

Fort Worth brothers balance their filmmaking careers with high school.
Conducting a phone interview with the Blaze brothers turns out to be somewhat difficult. It’s not because 18-year-old Nathan and 17-year-old Jon are reluctant to talk. It’s just that their voices sound rather similar, and t...


Honoring Their Service

In Tarrant County, military veterans find a strong safety net.
These days, everyone knows — or thinks they know — the script for returning veterans. They come back from deployment and try to fit back into civilian life approximately where they left off. But the homefront can turn out t...

Café Bella serves up chicken rollatini wih veggies in a pink sauce. Vishal Malhotra

That’s Amore

The Italian fare isn’t fancy but is still fabulous at Café Bella.
Café Bella is a little off the beaten path, out in the wilds of TCUland, but the ma-and-pa restaurant has been serving Italian food for the better part of a decade. Not at all fancy, it doesn’t pretend to be anything other t...

The Whirling Darvish and his Rangers teammates are back. AFLO/ZUMAPRESS.com

Welcome Back

Remember how the Texas Rangers’ season ended last year? Wow, that was anticlimactic. You probably have another word for it that’s just as good. They went this off-season without acquiring any big-ticket players, but they st...


Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Unfairly In Angelo’s Long Shadow

Grub Buddy
People in search of the holy grill — as in barbecue — slobber all over themselves when praising Angelo’s. No problem with that. Angelo’s rocks. Daniel Vaughn, the new “barbecue editor” at Tex...

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus with Railey

Keeping the White Man Down

Eric Griffey
Because white men have such a tough time catching a break in this world, Richard Railey, a Republican precinct chair in district 1056, is trying to start a White Student Union at Tarrant County College. In addition to a being a...