Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus with Railey

Because white men have such a tough time catching a break in this world, Richard Railey, a Republican precinct chair in district 1056, is trying to start a White Student Union at Tarrant County College. In addition to a being a Republican party official and self-described Tea Party member, the 56-year-old, who refers to himself as “Mstr Rick,” is also a prominent blogger. On his blog, Mstr Rick Says It’s So…, he blogs about White Nationalism and other related topics.

On the as-of-yet sanctioned organization’s website, he describes the group as “an ethnocentric campus club open to all current or former students, employees, staff, and administrators from any Tarrant County campus located throughout the Fort Worth Metro area.”

The group, according to the site, will  “gather weekly to advance common ideas and goals in scholastic achievement, assistance in acquiring financial aid, resume writing, job placement, and networking within the white business community for receptive potential employers.”


Railey was first introduced to Fort Worth Weekly readers last year, when he complained about an issue of Ebony Magazine on a table near a polling station. He told the Weekly that  he believed the magazine was strategically placed so voters could see it, in “an attempt to intimidate, bully, and threaten white voters,” he said.

His beef with TCC started after he was denied a TCC Foundation Scholarship, because it was reserved for “diversity applicants.”

He filed a racial discrimination complaint against TCC when he was not allowed to participate in the “Men of Color” mentoring event, which is a little like  filing an age discrimination lawsuit for being denied a chance to sit on Santa’s lap at Christmas.

He released a press release that alleged school officials, “colluded, conspired, and schemed to purposefully, willfully, and with malice to have separately and jointly exercised conduct directed against my person based on race for the purposes of debasement, intimidation, bullying, and harassment, at a level of severity that has affected my ability to participate and/or benefit from my educational program at Tarrant County College.”

According to school officials, Railey hasn’t filed any of the paperwork to make his White Student Union a recognized student organization.

But, hey, at least he’s getting some attention, right?




  1. What a wacko. Will he let half white students join? Most skin colored clubs in college I was petitioned by seemed to not mind me not being all their color. This whole idea that whites can scream inequality when factual (usually demeaning) history of them hating others is and always will be present makes whites look even more ridiculous. I feel sorry for other white people who suffer from these wackos indirectly. It’s just like black people who make all blacks looks bad, like Kanye West or Obama only filling out “black” on his census. I hope there is a race war and I hope blacks and whites kill each other off, then us mulattos will be like “good riddance”, lol. Middle finger up, Haters bow down.

  2. His legal interpretation is correct. Many times in higher education the concept of ‘diversity applicants’ goes too far, both encouraging and promoting racism. Such scholarships should encourage diversity applicants, while not discouraging others. When faced with the choice it can be difficult to distinguish between the two, but any time you would deny entry based on race, then its racism.

    Racism takes many insidious forms, and can be difficult to recognize on the surface, of what would otherwise seem a harmless entry policy. It is partially defined as denying opportunities to others based on the color of their skin or nationality. It can also be defined as denying opportunities to others based on a particular color of their skin or similar, or the reverse thereof.

    His legal complaint has merit, and diluting the importance of it by comparing it to ‘Santa’s lap’ does a grave injustice to the plight of all those affected by it, the institution and abolishment of slavery, and anyone else who has fought for and risen above the intolerance of racism.

    • I’m not suggesting that his suit has no merit. But when a white guy tries to apply for a “men of color” mentor and pitches a fit when he can’t have one is a blatant cry for attention, and deserves to be made fun of.

      • With all the critical newsworthy items that need attention in Fort Worth, why are you wasting precious time, space and resources on this? Are you about reporting news; exposing corruption; or making fun of hapless dimwits? This is not newsworthy.

  3. My god, what in the world is the big stinking deal? Just let this guy have his god damned club. If they start breaking laws or insulting people, nobody will join. If it promotes positivity and identity, who is he hurting?

    It reaches the point where the criticism becomes anti white.

  4. In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Wow!

      WhiteRabbit certainly chose the perfect sobriquet, because he appears to be slowly, but inexorably spinning down the crazyass cracker hole of complete paranoia.

      His notion of history sounds like something the celebrated racist Lothrop Stoddard would make up, if he is even aware of the Harvard educated racial eugenicist.

      All I can say is…enjoy your own personal extinction, WhiteRabbit. The rest of white American will continue to prosper, raise families and enjoy the world without your particularly hilarious sense of self-delusion.

    • I hope WhiteRabbit is not actually serious (I also hope Richard Railey isn’t serious as well). I am speechless (or in this case, wordless – since we’re writing).

      WhiteRabbit’s ideas of our history are very, very scary. I’m glad there are many more people out there who do not share his/her views. I hope WhiteRabbit’s and Railey’s ways of thinking become extinct.