SceneShop Carries “A Fifth”

Jimmy Fowler
For some compelling thoughts on Christmas and adulthood, check out our interview with SceneShop’s Steven Alan McGaw in this week’s ”Stage” section. SceneShop’s annual holiday revue A Fifth of Christmas takes place 8pm...

Sharon Pate: 1, Melody Johnson: 0

In another setback for Fort Worth schools’ superintendent Melody Johnson, the Texas Education Agency this week cleared former Diamond Hill Elementary School math teacher Sharon Pate of the district’s charge that last spring...

Living La Lobby Loca

Jeff Prince
You know how Big Industry lobbyists persuade lawmakers to vote their way and stack the deck against the Little Guy? Well, two can play that game. Tonight you can get a crash course on how to “lobby and influence local and...

R.I.P., Leslie Nielsen

Kristian Lin
As you’ve probably heard by now, the 84-year-old actor died yesterday. I don’t really have that much to add to the many online tributes to him, most of which tell the story of his early career as a dramatic leading ...

Morality, Arlington Style

Jimmy Fowler
Arlington police recently put up a billboard on I-30 near Cooper Street that features the mug shots of men arrested during local prostitution stings. My first thought was: It’s a slight improvement on Puritan-style stocks, bu...

Free Willie: Arrest Spurs Teapot Party

Jeff Prince
Texas singer songwriter Willie Nelson could face felony charges and up to two years in prison after a weekend marijuana arrest. The bust didn’t sap Willie of his humor. “He said he feels great; he lost six ounces,&#...

At Least Roy Williams Didn’t Blame God

Jeff Prince
Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams lost the Thanksgiving Day game by fumbling the football, but, as he usually does when faced with adversity, he handled it like a man. Not so much with Buffalo Bills WR Stevie Johnson, who dropped ...

Slice of Cherpumple?

Jimmy Fowler
This is apparently the newest thing in holiday dessert excess — a cherpumple. It’s a three-layer cake with three kinds of pie (pumpkin, cherry, apple) baked inside. I’m a fan of gluttony, but no thanks.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Guitar In Stockyards

Jeff Prince
A cool but freaky guitar just made its way to Adobe Picture Framing manager (and Blotch buddy) Joel Lively. This handpainted Gibson Blues King acoustic guitar was played extensively by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin during the ...

Fort Worth Artist Brings Big Bucks

Jeff Prince
Early Fort Worth artist Bror Utter‘s intriguing oil on canvas painting “The Visitors” (1943) fetched $35,850 at Heritage Auctions in Dallas last weekend. That’s some serious cheese for local art. Utter (...