Scenes from The Orbans’ CD Release

Anthony Mariani
Photog Mike Hollis was on hand for The Orbans’ CD release show on Friday at Lola’s Saloon, with openers the Quaker City Nighthawks, from Fort Worth, and Dallas’ The Roomsounds. The Orbans’ album, When We Were Wild, is a...

Ridglea Theater to Become Bank?

Anthony Mariani
An e-mail received Friday night from someone who lives in the Ridglea Hills neighborhood indicates that the long-standing Ridglea Theater music venue may be transformed into a bank. All that may remain of the building is the fa...

Ka Mate, Ka Mate! Ka Ora, Ka Ora!

Kristian Lin
Well, how about those Kiwis? When this World Cup started, I never imagined I’d be writing that sentence. How about that? New Zealand took advantage of an early goal and gutted out a 1-1 draw with Italy on Sunday. A few days a...

Randy Rogers Adds Rap, Rock To Country Lineup

Jeff Prince
The Stockyards is hosting a big July 3 musical extravaganza to make up for the fact that Willie Nelson moved his annual festival back to Austin. The irrepressible Randy Rogers (shown above) is taking over the slot and headlinin...

USA Robbed! (Will It Matter?)

Kristian Lin
Well, if they did things the easy way, they wouldn’t be the U.S. soccer team. Let me clarify: When I wrote yesterday that I love it when the designated patsies don’t follow the script, I didn’t mean the ones playing again...

Jubilee’s Rare “Gem”

Jimmy Fowler
The not-so-subliminal message in this week’s review of Gem of the Ocean is: “Support bold theater!” Jubilee Theatre is staging the Southwest premiere of the late August Wilson’s intimate and mystical play through June ...

More World Cup Thoughts

Kristian Lin
I love it when the designated patsies at these international tournaments decide to go off script and show up to play. The North Koreans were widely assumed to be headed for oblivion in Group G, but there they were making Brazil...

Ridglea Music Closing

Anthony Mariani
After 50 years of business, Ridglea Music is closing its doors for good on Wed., June 30. Joe Fritz, who co-owns the place with his wife, Cheryl Fritz, say they never recovered from business lost during a long and drawn-out rel...

Mi Cocinita Close But No Cigar For New Lunch Spot

Jeff Prince
A local food critic tracking my quest for a new lunch spot due to the heartbreaking closure of Los Alamos Café advised me to eat at one of his favorite spots. I can’t reveal the critic’s identity, but his first name rhymes...

Rep. ‘Smokey’ Joe Barton Sorry For BP

Jeff Prince
Please…just watch video…can’t write now…Barton idiocy too overwhelming…my mind short-circuiting…can’t compute…can’t compute… .