Jon Bonnell on National TV

Texas cuisine impresario Jon Bonnell is scheduled to cook up some of his signature dishes on CBS’s The Early Show in New York on Saturday August 22. The show airs from 6-8am, so set your alarm.

Kinky Again?

Jimmy Fowler
Quite a few of us who enjoy Kinky Friedman’s brand of smart irreverence were disappointed in his 2006 run for the Texas governorship. It seemed he didn’t care enough to brush up on important issues, one-liners were all he h...

SANE Pets Barking At City Hall

Jeff Prince
For 15 long years I lived next to a rundown rent house in East Fort Worth and clashed with a steady flow of irresponsible neighbors who owned dogs but didn’t take care of them. One neighbor kept a dog on a short chain tied to...

Cowboys Tandem: Yin & Bang?

Jeff Prince
Stories circulating at the Dallas Cowboys training camp: Will Tony Romo finally win a playoff game? Will Marion Barber and Felix Jones carry the offense on their massive legs? Will offensive coordinator Jason Garrett become a c...

Must-TiVo TCM

Jimmy Fowler
Don’t miss tonight’s 8:30pm screening of Joseph Losey’s 1964 ”The Servant” on Turner Classic Movies. I’ve loved this Harold Pinter-scripted creepfest for years now, but it’s officially unavailable on DVD except fo...

Contempo-Art at Cowboys Stadium

Anthony Mariani
Part of the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington is going to include 14 site-specific installations. Don’t expect paintings of bluebonnets. Or sculptures of iron spurs. Or anything else obvious and literal. Think: contemporary ar...

Weekender: Fri., Aug. 7, 2009

Anthony Mariani
A friend of mine back home up north saw Motley Crüe a year or two ago when the legendary hair-metal band went through Pittsburgh and said lead singer Vince Neil was so out of shape that he had to stand perfectly still to sing ...

R.I.P., John Hughes

Kristian Lin
If you came of age in the 1980s, chances are you’ll be flooded with sadness at the sudden death of John Hughes. The director/screenwriter was 59 years old, and though he kept working up until the end (receiving credit und...

No Homo, Watson

Kristian Lin
As an avid reader of Sherlock Holmes stories in my youth, I’m looking forward to this Christmas’ release of the new movie Sherlock Holmes. The star of that film kicked up a bit of controversy recently, when Robert D...

“I Can’t Believe My Grandmother Felt Me Up”

Jimmy Fowler
As a teenager, I was along for the John Hughes ride. His slang-filled, self-consciously hip adolescent movies coincided in near perfect chronology with my high school years (’83-’87). Like most people, I think “Sixteen Ca...