The Day The Music Mag Died

Jeff Prince
Mainstream news dailies such as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram aren’t the only publications hanging on for dear life during this transition from Old Media to the brave new frontier. I say “brave” because you’ve got to be ...

Unpaid Furlough Hits S-T

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram announced today that all employees must take a one week unpaid furlough by the end of the year. Read publisher Gary Wortel’s memo at McClatchy Watch.

Fort Worth Couture (Seriously)

Anthony Mariani
A Fort Worth-based fashion company is featured in today’s edition of Valet, an independently published men’s webzine. American Viceroy’s new line of cotton shirts and pants is inspired by pajamas. Jerry James, who co-owns...

Writer Seeking New Pig Trough

Jeff Prince
The Golden Corral, or “Golden Pig Trough” as I like to call it, is a favorite feeding place of mine. The restaurant near the Benbrook Traffic Circle has an excellent salad bar, with fresh spinach and tasty bell peppers, tun...

Was It from the J. Lo Line?

Jimmy Fowler
“Eau de Evacuee,” “Susceptible,” “My Floral Anxiety” – what the hell was the name of the parfum that prompted a level red threat response from some 34 Bank of America employees who had to be treated at local hospi...

Static Greases Wheels For Kids

Jeff Prince
By the time Pastor Kyev Tatum called Fort Worth Weekly yesterday to complain about East Side youngsters getting screwed out of their paychecks during a summer job program, he was frustrated that his calls to Workforce Solutions...

The Bell Won’t Save This

Kristian Lin
I never got into the whole Saved by the Bell thing even though I was of high-school age in the early 1990s. Jimmy Fallon, who is also of that age, has lately been drawing attention for his new TV talk show by trying to get the ...

R.I.P., Jim Johnson

Kristian Lin
While all the offseason NFL coverage is dominated by Michael Vick coming back and Brett Favre not coming back (to the latter of which I say, thank God), you may have missed the sad news of the death of Jim Johnson, the Philadel...

Edward R. Murrow Salutes In Grave

Jeff Prince
Investigative journalism is a calling card here at Fort Worth Weekly, where we strive to peer deep into the destabilizing cracks that can stagger the foundations upon which freedom and democracy are built. So thank the ghost of...

Everyone Knows It’s Wendy

Jimmy Fowler
A combination of a “Mad TV” sketch character and an R. Crumb fantasy come to life, the towering, bewigged, and hilariously intimidating talk show host Wendy Williams recently returned for her first syndicated TV season on t...