(flicker photo by Keith Allison)

Josh Hamilton Follows His Wallet To Los Angeles

Jeff Prince
Texas Rangers power hitter Josh Hamilton has reportedly signed a five-year $125 million deal with division rival Los Angeles Angels. Hamilton is big on God so maybe he would rather be an Angel than a Ranger. Who knows? The guy...

cowboys helmet

Off Asides On Cardiac Cowboys vs Cincinnati Bengals

Jeff Prince
General Manager Jerry Jones gets some credit for yesterday’s last-second 20-19 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. That’s right, you legion of JJ haters, I said it. The man gets some credit. But first, congratulati...

(Flickr photo by jd tornow)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Philly

Jeff Prince
Okay, so it was like finding an old, severely injured eagle lying on the side of the road…and then beating it to death with a two-by-four. But, hey, the Cowboys showed heart. The ‘Boys of Christmases Past stumbled i...


Obama To Veto Jerry Jones?

Jeff Prince
We The People is a website where citizens can create petitions to get the attention of this nation’s leaders. A recent petition, filed under the “Human Rights” category, urges the Obama Administration to get r...

The Cardinals doing what the Rangers could have -- and should have -- been doing last year.

Another Turkey: North Texas Sports

North Texas is hurting. We’re not talking about the traffic, the smog, the politics, the fracking-generated earthquakes, or the expanding waistlines of most of our friends and neighbors. No, North Texas is hurtin’ in ye old...


Cowboys Fans, Be Not Proud

What a big win yesterday for the ol’ Cowboys, right? Yee-haw! Squaring off against a dreaded, hated conference rival on that rival’s dreary Yankee-ass home turf with the rest of the season on the line and the Cowboys-hating...


Cowboys’ Season Still Alive

Anthony Mariani
You can blame Orlando Scandrick for that missed open-field tackle (not easy) and that holding penalty late in the fourth quarter (fatigue-induced) that kept the Atlanta Falcons’ offensive on the field, eating up precious cloc...

david goliath

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants

Jeff Prince
This David and Goliath story ended badly. First off, David forgot his slingshot. Secondly, his movements were encumbered by a huge goiter on his neck. He did bring a six-shooter — but shot all six rounds into his own foot...

PUTTING THE "O" IN A-HOLE (photo by Keith Allison).

Is It Petty To Revel In A-Rod’s Downfall?

Jeff Prince
Alex Rodriguez made my sh#tlist from Day One. Day One around here was when Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks forked over $252 million to nab A-Rod in free agency. The contract seemed like drunken spending by an owner who proved him...

(photo by Mel B.)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Ravens

Jeff Prince
Football fans are funny. And by funny I mean sad. Neurotic, too. Last week, Dallas Cowboys fans boo-hoo’d about the team’s poor play in its first four games and declared the season a washout before the halfway point...