Disney Finds Sonny

For his first feature, Fort Worth’s Andrew Disney conjures up “slacker noir.”
There are a lot of ways you could describe Searching for Sonny, the debut feature from writer-director and Fort Worth native Andrew Disney. The movie concerns a chronic underachiever who gets pulled into a series of bizarre eve...

Rainbos Over Nelson

Fort Worth filmmaker Cameron Bruce Nelson is on the verge.
Fort Worth filmmaker Cameron Bruce Nelson, 29, didn’t always want to be a writer-director. In fact, he only got into filmmaking after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a double major (history and cultural...

Thank You for Watching

Two local film buffs are creating an internet sensation one viewer at a time.
Few people are able to parlay their passion for movies into a career, and even fewer can pull off a combination of filmmaking and criticism. But local filmmaker Nathan Ligon has managed not only to do both but also to start a w...

Tracking Ghostbreakers

New York City’s trailblazing ABC affiliate picks up a Fort Worth filmmaking team’s ghostly spoof.
Fort Worth filmmaker Benjamin Wilbanks, 33, calls himself “a Spielberg baby” –– Wilbanks’ childhood in Cleburne was steeped in blockbuster movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, The Goonies, and, of ...

Drive Angry, Arianne

Local actress Arianne Martin has a baby — and a Nicolas Cage-associated breakout role — on the way.
North Texas film and TV actress Arianne Martin had a pretty conservative upbringing. She was raised Southern Baptist in Garland, homeschooled for years by her mother, and was always involved in church activities. But from Marti...

Paradise to Hold

Local filmmakers Justin Hilliard and Frank Mosley have more than art-house fare up their sleeves.
Filmmakers Justin Hilliard, 28, and Frank Mosley, 27, met as college students in 2004 while working on a class film project at the University of Texas at Arlington. They quickly became close friends based on their mutual love o...

Scene 2 for Scenesters

Fort Worth movie fans may well remember The Scenesters as the opening selection of the Lone Star Film Festival last November. Now the movie’s enjoying a new wave of interest, having been screened at the Slamdance Film Fes...

Fangs for the Memories

**ONLINE EXCLUSIVE** The fourth annual Texas Frightmare Weekend, um, killed at the Sheraton Grand Hotel-DFW the weekend of May 2. There were special guests, like filmmaker Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and actress Linda...

Finding Walter

The partial inspiration for John Goodman’s memorable character from The Big Lebowski isn’t all guns and bowling pins.
Brian Abrams
A lot of non-mainstream comedies have their die-hard fans, but there’s something about The Big Lebowski that, as fancy journalists say, has legs. Hollywood has given us funnier movies.

Capturing Katrina

A local filmmaker’s forthcoming documentary on the storm’s aftermath is apolitical in a political way.
Brian Abrams
David Redmon might be the most earnest documentary filmmaker around. His subject matter is always edgy, he finances all of his projects himself (to avoid any implied or explicit biases and to have complete artistic control), an...