Chow, Baby
Chow Baby

Make Food Not War

I’ve never been much of a hippie — I just don’t care for drum circles or the band Phish. But socially conscious eating I’m for. Maybe dining on locally sourced organic ingredients allows my natural smugness to flourish....


Royal Pains

Don’t get me wrong; I love my nieces. I just fear for them a little. One is seven and the other is four (I think), and they’ve never been exposed to real food, thanks to Chow, Sister’s penchant for doing the grocery shopp...


Back to Happy

Fort Worth Weekly
Happy hours don’t usually make me happy. They just make me want to crawl into bed and fall asleep to reruns of the Golden Girls. But when a new friend insisted, I proposed a compromise: We’d go to restaurant bars, where she...


Other Side of the Apron

Back when I made my living in the food business, I kind of resented Restaurant Week, when local eateries create a prix fixe menu for $35 and donate some of proceeds to charity. I viewed it as amateur night — lots of people wh...

Chubby's challenge burger. Courtesy Chubby's Facebook

Training Table

I love the part in the first Rocky movie, when the title character makes it to the top step of the Philadelphia Art Museum (now know as The Rocky Steps). Sylvester Stallone’s character raises his arms in triumph. Maybe that...


Boba Me, Baby

I had never understood the appeal of boba tea. Now that I’ve actually tried it I’m in boba lust. (Although I still don’t get the giant globs of tapioca.) My boba quest began by complete accident. In my never-ending search...

Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge's bacon bleu cheese burger.

And Dance by the Light of the Moon

As a teenager, Chow, Baby dreamed of being a rock star. Despite having no musical talent, a singing voice that might attract stray cats, and no discipline for learning to play an instrument, I still spent many a night in front ...


Eating for You

Chow, Baby is the people’s food critic. Just think of me as your light in dim places, (or sometimes a canary for your culinary coal mine). This week I thought I’d dip into the ol’ mailbag and go where ye send me. As it tu...

Courtesy Cowtown Chow Down Facebook

Hot Fried Foodies

Last week I braved the July sun and checked out the Go Texan food truck competition at the Cowtown Chow Down food truck park (1100 N. Main St.). The event was sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture to celebrate “Din...


Words to Live By

Fort Worth Weekly
Writing about restaurants that set up shop at cursed addresses — sinkholes where cafés before them have gone to die — is always bittersweet: Who knows how much longer those dishes and servers will be around? I’ve reviewe...