Chow, Baby

Live at the Grocery

Chow, Baby
I remember the first time I walked through the hedge maze that is Central Market (4651 W. Fwy.). It was also the first time I understood how sorely lacking my pantry was in fill-in-the-blank-infused olive oil and organic tortil...


Anything for a Quiet Life

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby isn’t the life of the party anymore, unless your idea of a party is a 12-hour “Top Chef” marathon with microwave popcorn. Since I’m not really in training, overindulging can hit me like a ton of bricks. The m...

mexican tacos

Eastward, Yo!

Fort Worth Weekly
My car knows where to find hole-in-the-wall Mexican food. It’s like one of those pigs that can find truffles, or a salsa divining rod. This time, though, it pointed its hood ornament not to North Main or South Hemphill street...


Mall-Dining Tip: Leave

Chow, Baby
Recently, I’ve been scouring area malls for a wedding gift that fits both the bride and groom’s expensive tastes and Chow, Baby’s budget — a tough mission. Since they were so inconsiderate as to not register at Target, ...

Food Park

Park and Eat

Chow, Baby
I’m starting to think food trucks are like spiders –– you’re never more than a few feet away from one. We’re past the point of calling it craze or a trend. This is officially the food truck era. On a recent evening, e...


A Flat Tire, A Loaf of Bread, and Wow

Chow, Baby
As my high-dollar hot rod (read: Hyundai Sonata) falls to pieces — due in large part to my neglect — I’m finding myself calling AAA all too often these days. Fortunately, thus far my strandings have led to little foodie a...

Chow, Baby

A Fire of Many Flavors

Chow, Baby
It’s located on a busy corner in a former fast-food joint. The name means “fire sauce,” the chef is named Rodriguez, and chicken enchiladas are on the menu — gotta be basic Tex-Mex right? You’d be so wrong. But then s...


A Lying Winter

Chow, Baby
All I’ve heard anyone talk about for days has been the weather — but I can’t really blame them, given how gorgeous it’s been. Except perhaps for my neighbor, who’s been harrumphing about how this mild winter probably ...

Beyond Lederhosen

Chow, Baby
My introduction to all things German was at Edelweiss German Restaurant (3801 Southwest Blvd.) when I was a kid. My memory of the place was that of a German theme park, with an oompah band decked out in lederhosen and dirndls a...

The Lowdown

Chow, Baby
It’s funny how much a name matters. Would anyone have boogied to the Beach Boys if they’d stuck to the original name, The Pendletones? Would every lame cover band in the world know “Stairway to Heaven,” had Brit rockers...