A Lucchesi In Da House

The Fort Worth Cats have struggled recently with an ownership change, diminished attendance, vendors grumbling about not being paid, management types walking off the job, and a stadium that needs sprucing up. Even the team’s ...

Holy fracking water.

Numb and Dumber

A simple reason explains why Fort Worth Weekly was among the country’s first news media to point out that fracking by natural gas drillers could threaten water supplies, and yet regulatory agencies weren’t paying attention....


Opposition — like the Tar Sands — Runneth Over

As the tar sands spill in Arkansas — brought to you by Exxon — continues to poison the neighborhood, wetlands and now parts of formerly bucolic Lake Conway, news coverage of the spill and cleanup effort has diminished to al...


The Legacy Grows

Last week’s cover story (“Toxic Legacy,” April 10) stirred up more than just some bad memories. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, Fort Worth-based Southern Anodizing/Technicoat Inc., hired teenagers for jobs that included il...


Out, Damned Spot

What do you get when you fill a 65-year-old pipeline with the most corrosive hydrocarbon possible, stuff so heavy that it has to be thinned with poisonous gases just to push it through the line? That’s not a joke, so don’t ...


Don’t Eat The Brown Stuff

Julia Crawford and her family are not going down before the Keystone XL pipeline without a fight. Crawford (“Your Land Is My Land,” April 11, 2012) appealed a ruling by Lamar County Court Judge Bill Harris last August that ...


Keep ’Em Open

A small but loud group of city officials from across the state — including Arlington’s disgraced former city councilman Mel LeBlanc (hello, methamphetamine and prostitutes!) and Hurst’s mayor pro-tem Henry Wilson — got ...


Conservative Conservation

Environmental groups wasted water — from their tear ducts — after the Texas Water Development Board appeared to give short shrift to conservation efforts when it released a list of spending priorities to the Associated Pres...


Storm Front

When last we left John Storm, he was cooling his heels in state prison after being convicted of possessing child pornography and directing the sexual performance of a child under 14. He was sentenced to 10 years in July 2011. A...


Fort Worth in His Rearview Mirror

The Don Quixote character who picketed, protested, and pummeled city officials the most over urban drilling during the past decade has finally gone and done it. He’s put his house on the market. Don Young has been talking abo...