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Olympics Wrap-Up

Kristian Lin
The following thoughts occurred to me while I was contemplating the hairstyles on the Gabonese men’s soccer team. The U.S. women’s volleyball team were cruising to victory in the gold medal match over Brazil when, a...

The U.S. women's soccer team celebrates after their first goal in the 2012 Olympic final.

Even More Thoughts on the Olympics

Kristian Lin
The following thoughts were prompted by watching the U.S. women’s soccer team win gold in satisfying fashion. I’ll have more on soccer further down, but the women are ruling the U.S. Olympic effort so far. They̵...

Further Thoughts on the Olympics

Kristian Lin
If you could be Jamaican only for a day, surely you’d pick today. For not only is today the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence, but Usain Bolt got the party started early by reclaiming the Olympic 100 me...

More Thoughts on the Olympics

Kristian Lin
My own first name isn’t exactly common due to its unconventional spelling, so when I see athletes who share my first name at the Olympics, they’re usually Norwegian skiers. However, Kristian Thomas is a British gymnast, and...


Notes on the Summer Olympics

Kristian Lin
I don’t get geeked up for the Olympics the way I do for the big international soccer tournaments, but I always get sucked in by the action anyway once the Games start. So I’ll be posting notes from time to time duri...