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Resident Evil: Afterlife Bores

A potentially thrilling premise is abandoned in favor of (just more) zombie slaying.
The fourth Resident Evil game was a thrilling reinvention of the series, ditching zombies for more unusual monsters. It also was a fast-paced story full of scares and memorable characters. Unfortunately, the same can’t be sai...

Pondering A Short But Sweet Afterlife

Jeff Prince
This might be a ponderous subject for Blotch, but I’m fascinated with the new issue of Newsweek. Do we go to heaven? Is there a heaven? Are we in our bodies when we get there? Can we sleep on clouds as late as we want? Play i...

Too Much Heaven

As far back as 2001, when Peter Jackson first took on the Lord of the Rings saga, I kept wishing that he’d find time to go back to the more life-sized films like Heavenly Creatures that first marked out this New Zealander...